Win a Plant Therapy Lavender Essential Oil Roll On

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Spring into the New Year with the calming benefits of Lavender! Did you know that lavender helps reduce stress and anxiety, helps heals skin wounds and burns, and even protects against symptoms from diabetes?! Lavender is the perfect way to start an essential oil journey or just add to your collection. This roll-on is prediluted and ready to apply with lavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia) and fractionated coconut oil at 10%. This is a perfect, quick way to apply to the skin to keep you feeling calm as you enter into those stressful New Year's Resolutions! Did I mention it's kidsafe? Yup. Your little one can benefit from this oil too! Enter Now!    

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The Tees Are The Bees Knees!

Check out these cute tees! Now you can help support the blog and our small business!

Sweet Honeybee Tees!


It’s my passion to share healthy info with you and with your support, I can keep doing product reviews and giveaways so you get the best info!

Okay, so why should you buy a tee? Continue reading “The Tees Are The Bees Knees!”

Easy Essential Oils!

Check out this awesome EO graphic from Positive Health Wellness!
They are a favorite site of mine and this handy, little graphic is perfect for your EO journey.

Please include attribution to Positive Health Wellness with this graphic.

Cure Everything with These 15 Essential Oils

Sneak peek! FLASH SALE

Hi All,

The flash sale is Friday and it’s 15% off your purchase of diffuser jewelry!

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Steampunk, Snowflake and Cage! Plus, a free sample of essential oil blend “Relaxi Taxi”!

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Why I Ditched Traditional Anti-Perspirant

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I ditched traditional anti-perspirant and it was not easy.

As you may have seen, I did a pretty extensive deodorant review a while back and you can find it on the YouTube channel as well. Continue reading “Why I Ditched Traditional Anti-Perspirant”

You don’t wanna miss this!!!

Now here is a huge, awesome, amazing gift for that essential oil lover in your life (YOU).

Plant Therapy is doing mystery grab bags! $70 but half off right now!

It’s a minimum $70 value which means it could be so much more!

It has lots of oils, carrier oils and even a soft EO case!

plant_therapy_25_days_of_christmas_website-desktop_day19_dec12_dealGET YOUR GRAB BAG!WOW! I can’t wait to be able to get one myself! haha

An ideal variety of Plant Therapy’s most popular KidSafe® and non-KidSafe essential oils, at a tremendous value. Savings over 50% off the regular retail price if you purchased these products separately. Each grab bag comes with a 9-bottle soft case and contains:

  • One 2 oz carrier oil
  • Two 10 ml single oils
  • One 10 ml organic oil
  • Two 10 ml synergies
  • One 10 ml organic synergy
  • One 9 bottle soft case

*No exchanges or returns.

A season for giving.

How the homeless get by in America. By