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3 Herbs You Need to Know About

Most of us have heard of using herbs to help with ailments, but have you actually tried any of them?

Well, you may be using them every day and not even realizing their health benefits.

Herbs and spices like cinnamon, oregano, and basil are used daily by a lot of households and their health benefits are quite often overlooked because we use them, most of the time, for seasoning our foods, but there are other herbs that are quite fantastic and I want to focus on three for a reason I have talked about quite a bit on my blog.

Insomnia and anxiety-my two greatest foes!

So, if you read my last post about sleep, I mentioned using a new product called the Klova sleep patch. It has one of these herbs in it which is passion-flower and another product I mentioned, called MidNite, has two of these herbs-lemon balm and chamomile.

So recently, as an ongoing search for relief, I decided to try using all three as a way to help with my insomnia and my nighttime anxiety.

I bought these herbs at the same time as ordering the Klova sleep patch trial, basically so that if the Klova didn’t work, I could try these and I am going to be completely honest. I tried Klova for one night, and while it worked, I wanted to try the herbs first prior to the patch due to cost.

The herbs run me about $24 and this would be about a 2-month supply. The Klova, as mentioned, is about $30 for a one month. I wanted to do the herbs first because if they worked, then I could save that little bit of money every month and we all know that every penny counts.

Well, I am ecstatic to say, that the last two nights of using these herbs have resulted in a full night’s sleep with no waking up and no side effects that I have seen so far. I did feel a bit groggy, but I am also getting the first 8 hours of sleep a night in about 3 years so I am sure my body is trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

I am going to try Klova, I want to do a review for all of you and really get the full idea of how it works, but I wanted to do this review as well. I honestly didn’t expect to feel results so immediately so these reviews were going to take quite a while, but since I have felt relief in such a short time, I figured no better time than now.

I also got Marshmallow leaf, which I will review at a later date and I bought that due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties and also, it’s use for decreasing the symptoms of Interstitial Cystitis, otherwise known as painful bladder syndrome. It’s important to me that I give a really thorough review of this so I will definitely get that review out in about a month.

Now, back to these herbs.

First, I took all these herbs in capsule form as directed on the package. While you may think you need more or maybe you read you need more, always start with the dose on the package and consult your doctor prior to use. I always recommend that lower is better in some circumstances for things, so starting high is not always suggested, especially with medicinal herbs.

I took the Lemon Balm, the Passion Flower and the Chamomile, as directed on the bottle, starting on night one and continued the last two nights.

My first feeling was a general feeling of relaxation. Not sedation and not loopy-tired. We all know that feeling!

I usually wake up throughout the night and sometimes I can’t get back to sleep once I do, but this time, I didn’t wake up at all. I also didn’t feel like I knocked out, so I could easily wake up if needed, but didn’t wake up for no reason.

The only thing I felt that I didn’t specifically love is the groggy feeling in the morning. It wasn’t a groggy feeling of “I’m going to fall asleep at my desk”, but more like I could take an afternoon nap later. I didn’t nap so I could make sure I got to sleep the next night. I also, noticed after about 8-10 hours of sleep, I got up early on my own. No alarm! This is huge for me because I haven’t been able to do this in a very long time. I typically set an alarm, then snooze it and do that about four more times and then I still may not wake up, so I am really impressed with how well these herbs work for me.

All three herbs stated safety concerns for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding and Passion flower stated a caution for those taking diabetes medication, so as always, consult your doctor prior to trying ANY herbal or homeopathic medication, no matter how safe or risk-free it may claim to be.

The prices vary depending on where you get them, Swanson is the brand that was recommending by a family member and they have some great deals on their site right now. I got them on and would have saved more on Swanson’s site, but I wanted the two-day shipping with Amazon prime so I bit the bullet and got them. I’ve provided links to both sellers below the ideographic.

Take a look at my ideographic and feel free to use it on your blog or to share, but please link back to my blog and let me know in the comments or by the contact form if you have tried these and what your experience has been or if you have any questions.

Thanks and happy dreams!

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