When life gives you lemons…

So, I’ll be totally honest because that’s how I roll…I hate crowdfunding campaigns. Not for others, but for myself. I feel like I am asking for handouts. I pride myself on working for what I have and working hard, but sometimes life hands you lemons and sometimes you need a bit of help squeezing those lemons into lemonade.

As some of you may know, my husband and I are full-time rv-ers. We love our rv life, but its had its challenges. We are learning along the way and unfortunately, not totally prepared, but nothing worth having comes easy, right?

Over on our RV blog,,  you can get the updates and also at the bottom of the banners on your left, you’ll see the updates as well; we have tried to get out of KY for over 3 months now. We had a multitude of transmission issues and the transmission is supposedly all ready to go, but we just need to get to the stop and pay for the service.

We still have no hot water, no propane (our main heating source) and a pipe broke here at the campground, which means no running water. We do have a fresh water tank, but due to dishwashing, needing water and other uses (which is basically everything) it’s dwindling our supply.

I was getting my health insurance from the state of WI, we all know how the govt. health insurance isn’t cheap, but I’ll save that rant for another day, and recently the state denied my health insurance. They also denied us food assistance. Their reason? We aren’t physically in the state. It doesn’t make sense to us because we do live there, but we are traveling and they say we have to apply while physically in the state of WI. So, if I understand right, we have to drive to WI and apply and then we can travel again.

We live there in the warmer months, but the cold is just too hard on us both. I have a chronic pain condition that causes me a lot of frustration and we both suffer from depression and anxiety and if you suffer from it too, you probably know how the cold and winter days affect you negatively.

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We want so much to get to FL to see our family, get some sunshine and finally be able to take a deep breath and get away from this situation, even just for a moment, but it’s seeming not to be going very well.

We’ve missed Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and some family emergencies as well. It’s so difficult being away from family when you are so close, yet so far away and they need you.

Okay, back to my crowdfunding point…we didn’t want to make a crowdfunding page. We really wanted to make this work on our own, like grown ups! As I said, sometimes life hands you lemons…right now we need a bit of help to make those lemons into lemonade. I know that’s not what the phrase means, but bear with me.

Our Go Fund Me explains it all and sharing could help us so much. A dollar could help so much. Right now, my biggest worry is funding my CBD for my pain and our cats having food and litter. We always feed them before ourselves, so they won’t starve, but I want them to be comfortable and warm and happy because they, in return, show that to us which helps our depression.

I know, I know, you’ve heard it all before, right? You’ve read the millions of campaigns out there that ask for funds and I totally get it, I have those thoughts too. At least I used to. Now, I understand. I understand the struggle, the shame and embarrassment and the desperation of needing something and having no way to get it.

We have asked family and friends for help and gotten what we need with their support such as a heater, payment for our campground extended stays, food money and warm clothing, but we really do not want to continue asking. Everyone struggles and it’s not fair to ask them over and over for the funds we need for our predicament.

So why are we asking strangers? Because a dollar from a few hundred people, or even just one person, can go a long way.

We’ve shared and donated ourselves, recently to a family who had children who were in our very same situation. They went way over their goal and man, I am so grateful for that. Sharing a campaign can do so much and that’s the best thing you can do to help us out.

Please check out the campaign HERE and reach out to us if you wanna drop us a line. We love hearing from people and a kind word is amazing in tough times.






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