Why I Love My Period

Yes, I know…resusable menstrual pads? Yuck right? No way! These are becoming very popular and there are a ton of sites and sources to get them from.

I was skeptical, I’ll admit it, but my main concern is health and after doing research on what goes into regular period products, I was a bit shocked! (see post PERIOD NOT PUNCTUATION)

So I decided to reach out to some companies and buy some from amazon as well to test these products.

I’ll list my pros and cons at the end.

I contacted Gladrags, partypantspads.com and I searched on amazon

I was able to get a free liner (pay S&H) from gladrags and PartyPantsPads and I bought some affordable ones from amazon.

First, I got the free liner from both companies. Gladrags sent me the ($13.49) color pantyliner plus which is the purple polka dot one. I used this on my lightest day and it worked quite well. It absorbed much better than expected and I was really concerned, but I made sure to wear it on a day I didn’t leave the house! It was soft and surprisingly breathable and really easy to wash. I used natural Castile soap and hung to dry and it worked fine. Virtually stain free. According to their website, it hold the equivalent of a small, disposable liner. The nice thing about this one is that it’s a bit longer than a regular pantyliner which helped me feel a bit more confident.

PIMP pads sent me the luxe liner and the nice thing about this site is that they have a chart to help you decide which shape pads to buy depending on what types of underwear you wear. That’s a definite help because for someone who wears wider backed undies, I made sure to get the right fit.

This liner ($9.99) was nice as well, it didn’t feel like it would absorb as much because the material, a nylon shield, makes it leak resistant. I took a chance and wore my laundry day undies just in case. Wow! No leaks, no stains, no nothing! Really impressed and I didn’t feel like I was wearing a liner either. I was worried about how hot it would be or maybe that it wouldn’t absorb like I needed it to, but it did.

Now, for someone who has never tried these products, I thought the price was high so I was really happy they offered a sample. Each company offers a panty liner sample, just pay shipping, which is between $4.95-$5.95 and I think that’s a good deal to try a new product and get a feel for how it might work for you.

I really wanted to order larger sizes and different absorbencies so I checked Amazon to see what other bought with high ratings.

I found a trial pack with multiple absorbencies and a charcoal and bamboo liner for odor control and wetness absorption. The pack I got had four sizes and it ranged from a panty liner size to a overnight plus size. Now, while these absorbed really well, they were very hot! I was sweating in no time. I didn’t have any issues with odor and they were easy to clean, but they did tend to stain just a bit. I even laundered these in my washer and all the “color” didn’t come out of the pad after use so that was a bummer. For the price, about $20, it was worth it try it out and it gave me a good idea of what size and absorbency to order from other companies.

So all in all, this was a awesome experience. Here are pros and cons:

Pros for all pads:

  • Extremely absorbent
  • Odor control
  • PIMP and Gladrags were thin and comfortable
  • PIMP and Gladrags had sample offers
  • Made with healthy materials

Cons for all pads:

  • Pricey, but worth it and I’ll explain in a minute.
  • Amazon pads were extremely hot and not breathable
  • All pads didn’t fit quite well due to snaps (see below)

Now for the fact that the pads didn’t fit well.  They have wings with snaps. The snaps just weren’t close enough together to hold onto my underwear snugly enough. You do have the option with both Gladrags and PIMPs to add extra snaps, but I just sewed on my own with plastic snaps from the craft store and they worked fine. They did tend to slide around and not stay in place so I suggest you either order the extra snaps from the companies, which cost between $0-$2 I think per pad (had trouble finding exact info). It would cost about that much to buy and sew on your own snaps so I see that it’s worth it.

UPDATE: the extra snaps on most of the PIMPS pads are free with your pad order!

Now, for price. I know what you’re thinking…$13 for a pad and for a kit, they can run up to $100, depending on what you get. Seems really expensive, right? Well, PIMPS has a savings calculator and I actually did my own calculations and they were pretty accurate.

So for instance, I took my tampon cost into account.

I spend $6.99 on a box of tampons, 36 in a box

I use about 12 throughout a 3 day period

Each tampon is .19 cents and that means I spend $2.28 per day.

Per month it’s $6.84 and per year it’s $88.92 which equals around $444 over a 5 year period.

Now with reusable pads here is the breakdown:

Which each cycle, I need to use 24 PIMP pads. That would cost about $312. Each pad lasts around 5 years! So I’ll save over $130 over a five year period.

All these numbers are a bit confusing and if you also use disposable pads, you can add that to what you will save by getting reusable pads. So check out the savings calculator.

Now I wouldn’t give you guys all this information without a incentive! Each company has great offers just for my members of my Sweet Honeybee Health website and facebook group!!

For PIMPS enter SHBH10 at check out for %10 off!

For Gladrags just click this link for your free pantyliner! Free sample!

I’ll post all links to the sites in the shopping tabs as well.

I really suggest you at least give them a try. They are so worth it and they also have other products like menstrual cups and nursing pads as well as kits for teens.

If tampons are more your thing, check out Lola Organic Tampons

They too have a offer code just for you for $5 off. Also, new member get great savings on tampons and it’s a subscription service so you don’t even have to go to the store! Just go here Lola Tampons!Use my sign up code: coserova1 for your coupon!

Now the most important thing about the companies Gladrags, and Lola are that they give back period products to women and girls who otherwise can’t afford them. I know it seems strange to some of us to think that we can’t just go to the store and buy a box of tampons or pads, but this is a very real reality for women and girls and it’s important that we do our part to give back and by buying products that are good and healthy for us, we are doing just like that! Easy peasy!

Enjoy and please comment and let me know your experiences!

 Luxe Liner at PIMPS

Cloth pad at Gladrags Assortment at amazon

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