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More RV troubles, life stress and putting you first.

I have not abandoned the blog!
Things have been up in the air getting our RV fixed. We have been stuck again with issues with our exhaust and are still waiting to get it fixed, along with other stresses that have drained us emotionally. It’s been difficult on our food budget due to constantly fixing the RV issues, stress upon both of us have caused us not to feel too good either.

I guess I needed a break from the internet and just life for a while and focus on our marriage and our reasons for doing the RV thing. It’s important and completely acceptable to take time off for yourself. I think women sometimes feel like they can’t put themselves first and then guilt comes up if we do. Those in your life who love you will understand you need some time and it’s also important to prioritize. Figure out why you aren’t getting along with someone or putting school last or putting self destructive behaviors first. Guilt is a natural part of life, but guilt is controllable. Guilt is something that allow to control us and it doesn’t have to. If you are having trouble putting yourself first, ask yourself what in your life is suffering. Your relationships? Your jobs? Your schooling? Your friendships? Once you figure out what is suffering, it’s a bit easier to figure out why and what you can do to fix it. Sometimes taking a mental health day is all you need and the most important part is to allow yourself the needed break.

I am feeling better and took the time to focus on my jewelry again, which I love doing. I have made some amazing lava rock diffuser bracelets I will be showing you soon.

The next post is probably going to be the second part of my CBD review in the series of CBD FX and I have a great product from Alpine Hemp that has totally exceeded my expectations!

Thanks for bearing with me!


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