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Easy Overnight Iced Tea

I love iced tea. I have to say it’s my third favorite beverage behind coffee and water!

I usually only order it when I go to a place out to eat, but lately I’ve been making iced herbal teas and let me tell you, it’s yummy!

With all health benefits of tea these days, there’s no reason not to start drinking a herbal tea or green tea!

Especially with summer right around the corner, a nice iced tea is perfect for a hot day and you don’t need a fancy iced tea machine to get this accomplished.

First, choose your tea. I typically go for a variety pack of fruit herbal teas or chamomile (which is delicious iced and keeps me relaxed all day).

You can use loose tea diffusing pitchers or tea pitchers, typical size pitchers and even a french coffee press which works fantastically!

If you use a 2 quart/half-gallon then about 4-5 tea bags are good for this. Drop them in, fill with water and put in the fridge overnight or at least 6-8 hours if you are in a pinch.

The next day, just stir and add fruit or lemon, then drink!

See how easy this is?! You can also do sun tea. My mom would make sun tea while I was growing up and it was my favorite, mainly because I would watch it brew. You can accomplish this with a large glass pitcher, mason jars or anything similar. Drop in your tea bags, will with water and put in a sunny spot. In just a few hours, you will have amazing tea.

I love using chamomile in my iced tea pitchers because chamomile has a naturally sweet taste and these days, you can find it in a variety of flavored teas as well. Green teas are great for their anti-oxidant properties and there are many that are decaf now too.

For the loose tea:Loose tea of your choice.
Paper coffee filters.
Cooking twine or rope.

You can use a tea strainer or even just a coffee filter. Take a paper basket filter and flatten it out. Put 1 tsp for every cup (or as directed on your package). I have found about two teaspoons per filter work best to not overfill the filter and cause it to tear. Make sure your tea is centered in the middle. Then bring all the sides up, like a little present, and tie it off with your rope or twine. Make sure that the rope or twine you use is food safe. Just make a couple of knots and make sure it’s not tied too tightly or it may tear. Then drop them in your pitcher and follow the directions I mentioned above! Simple, homemade tea bags!

You can also do this by the glass, but the tea may not brew quite as fast. I do this by filling my glass about halfway with water, then drop in my tea bag, then fill with ice and let the ice melt completely. The cold will brew your tea and filling the glass halfway with water will also prevent the ice from watering down your end product.

You can get empty loose tea bags and strainers on amazon and most grocery stores too.

What is your favorite way to make iced drinks? Let me know below!



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