Needing a little help from your friends

Sometimes we struggle, we all do. It’s a part of life and it’s tough and right now we are struggling.

My husband has covered all our RV issues on our RV blog and I have here as well, but recently things have gotten pretty scary.

We aren’t mobile at this point and we are running out of funds for various things. It’s so hard, but I know God will get us through it and the support we have received from loved ones is amazing.

I am not a fundraiser type. I just don’t like to raise funds for myself, somehow I feel selfish and I think that’s part of the guilt I talked about a few posts ago.

Sometimes we don’t take care ourselves because we are afraid of appearing needy or irresponsible, but sometimes it’s necessary and healthy to ask for help. Even just to ask friends to pray, send a kind word or share the word that you are struggling is necessary for your mental health.

We have been struggling for many months over RV breakdowns and right now our debt is building over this. We have used everything we have trying to just get running and our finances are suffering.

Right now, we are having a hard time affording food and cat supplies for our kitty kids.

We do have a fundraiser and I share this because we could really use some help. Sharing is the best way to spread the word and I would sincerely appreciate if you would share our fundraiser.

Take a look at the blog too about our RV issues. My hubby loves to talk technical stuff so that’s mainly what it’s about.

I posted once before too about how blogging isn’t always a money making experience and for both of us, it’s not. We make pretty much zero on our blogs. We do have affiliate links, but those don’t pay unless people click and/or buy from those, so that’s a great way to help out too!

Even if you just click the ads within our articles, we get a few pennies for each click, but every penny counts.

Check out our fundraiser and please keep us in your thoughts!

Facebook Fundraiser


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