Easy Sugar Scrub, Flower Infused Oils and Herb Infused Olive Oil


I love sugar scrubs! I am a scrub addict and I used to buy scrubs you see on shelves of your favorite stores, but as I got more into cutting chemicals, I wanted something more natural. The problem is that a lot of “natural” products, still have certain chemicals. Even though these ingredients may be FDA approved as safe, it wasn’t quite up to my own standards for what I wanted in a product.

When I made my first sugar scrub, I was excited to learn how easy it was! Here’s a great little recipe that is super easy!

What you’ll need:

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Have you ever wanted to blog?

Looking for guest bloggers! Write about natural health and important causes, do product reviews and more! Wanna learn more? Comment or PM me. This is a volunteer position but when I receive products to review, I may just send them over to you! Would love your help!


  • A zest for writing.
  • Good grammar and spell check! šŸ˜‰
  • A positive outlook and objective opinion.
  • An honest, truthful writing form.

Preferred, but not required:

  • Past writing or blogging experience.


Guest Blogger Application

CBD Series-Review 2

Stay tuned for the next product in the ongoing Cbd Oil review series. This product is CBD Fx and it was provided courtesy of CBDVapejuice.net

CBDFx is a all natural, vegan cbd oil tincture that provides 500mg per bottle/17mg per 1ml dose. Made with MCT oil provided from coconuts so that you can be assured you are taking a healthy and safe product.

3rd party testing available and made in the USA.

It has a clean, natural flavor that is easy to take, providing positive results.

I can’t wait to share this with you! Check out more of their products atĀ CBDVapejuice.net


We can be heroes…

It’s hard sometimes to write about the serious stuff.

The stuff that gives us nightmares. The stuff that makes us tear up when we watch a video on Facebook. The stuff that makes us so angry when we read an article. The stuff that makes us scream when we see it on the news…again.

The only way to do anything, to take a stand is to start the conversation. The sad part about this, is that this stuff isn’t a one time occurrence. It’s not something that just now needs a conversation because the conversation has been started, but it’s falling on the deaf ears of the authorities that could actually do something.

Gun violence, sexual violence, pedophilia, drug addiction…these aren’t new issues, they are issues that we talk about all the time and unfortunately, the fact they are being ignored is causing death.

By now, the world knows about the latest school shooting and it’s a sad thing to actually have to say, “the latest school shooting.”

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Update: KOI CBD BOGO Sale

Hi all, due to the popularity of this sale, KOI is having issues with their website and the sale will be extended into tomorrow!


If you haven’t tried CBD yet, this is a perfect time to do so by taking advantage of their BOGO sale.

Buy one, get one FREE!!!

Will CBD oil ruin my sobriety?

This is a question I have heard over and over again by a lot of people in recovery wanting to try CBD, but hesitant to do so due to their sobriety and I am going to give you my take on this.

Now, my take may not be agreed with by everyone in the recovery community and that is perfectly fine with me. My sobriety is a personal journey and it took me quite some time to be okay with the fact that not everyone needs to know about it and not everyone’s opinions needs to determine my journey.

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I tried CBD oil and here’s what happened-The Series

So, as you might have read in a past blog, I tried CBD oil and hereā€™s what happened, I tried a few different brands and wrote about them in follow up posts as well. I tried many brands, one of them being KOI CBD

Koi Website Banner - 250 x 100

Recently I got the chance to review some courtesy of CBDvapejuice.net and the first one out of five I tried was Koi Naturals Tincture.

The reason I wanted to try Koi Naturals is because I had tried the vape CBD juice they offer once before and really loved it, but I love tinctures as well and use them as a part of my daily health routine.

The thing that turned me onto Koi Naturals was, well, naturals! As a natural health blogger who tries to be as healthy as I can, I want to try products and review products that are natural and free of chemicals that my body doesnā€™t need.

Koi products are 100% natural, 99% CBD and no THC. This mean I can safely take these products and not worry about ingesting anything I donā€™t want.

So, you may be asking why CBD and what do I need to know?

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