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Hi Everyone,


Just wanted to tell you guys some exciting stuff going on and it will explain why I haven’t been blogging as much.

First, as you probably already know, my husband and I are preparing for life on the road! We will living full-time in an old RV which we are trying to fix up. We have a blog HERE where you can follow our adventure. My husband keeps up on that blog and I do this one, but I will help him with some blog posts for that as well at some point.

We don’t have a major plan at this time, just discovering new adventures and finally seeing the country as we have always wanted to do. We will be updating our YouTube channel as we go along too.

My plan is to keep my blog going and incorporate YouTube videos into the mix along the way with things like awesome finds at roadside or farmers markets like natural foods, crafts, and more and share them with you.

I think it’s so important to showcase other people’s amazing creations and experiences and that is our goal throughout this adventure as well. So check out our blog!

Next, I am finally going to pursue another passion of mine which is aromatherapy. I write about it all the time and I love it so much so I figured why not get certified and learn all I can know so I can inform and educate my readers correctly!

I’ll be starting online school for certification in August and I cannot express how excited I am.

Some of you may know that I was going to school on campus to become a Veterinary Technician, but after seeing pets in pain and owners losing their fur babies and then after losing my own 13-year-old fur baby, I just knew it would be too difficult for me.

I think Veterinary Technicians, assistants and doctors are so amazing and what they do is under-appreciated, yet extremely needed and a part of me is mourning for not being able to finish, but I believe it’s led me to this path and I can still help people, and animals, with aromatherapy and after all, my number one passion and purpose as a human is to help others.

So, this long winded post means I will be posting about our RV adventure and my journey through aromatherapy certification and all that I am learning.

Please stay tuned for all this exciting stuff and I will be back to blogging more after we move in a couple of weeks.



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