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Movie Reviews-To The Bone

Saw a great movie about anorexia nervosa and this one is a Netflix Original. I am really loving these original movies from Netflix. It’s hard to find really authentic, quality movies anymore and I love when I stumble across one by accident.

This one is called To The Bone with Lily Collins and centers around a girl struggling with the condition at 20 years old. She is sent to an in-treatment program by a non-traditional doctor played by Keanu Reeves.

I love how Reeves is doing more movies that aren’t big money making blockbusters because honestly, we need more films like this.


Action and adventure movies are great forms of entertainment, but movies that handle touchy subjects are so important for not only getting a point across of the dangers of self-destruction, but also for the fact that families and loved ones are struggling just as much as the person with the condition and sometimes feeling helpless.

This film really captures the inner monologue from an outside point of view of the main character, Ellen, and her broken family, unconventional relationships and unexpected friendships.

I love how it realistically captures the struggles those of us with mental illness and eating disorders go through without being overly dramatic or relying on shock value to get a point across instead using heart-warming, funny, and serious moments that safely bring the point home to the audience.


If you are easily disturbed or triggered, this may not be a movie you want to watch right yet, but I think it’s an exceptional film and is a great resource for families and sufferers of anorexia and bulimia. It captures the effects of the disease with every aspect and it’s sad, but inspirational.

Lily Collins is really a great young actress and she’s taking on challenging roles that are pushing her into the spotlight for really great reasons and for more challenging roles. I think, for myself, I get sick of the traditional roles women are boxed into in a lot of films today.

I think movies such as this are few and far between as far as promotion goes, but really worth searching for great mental health films.

This is the first review and I know it’s rather short, but since it’s a newer film, I don’t want to put out too many spoilers.

Lily Collins and Alex Sharp in “To the Bone” on Netflix. (Gilles


To The Bone on Netflix




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