New discovery! FREE BANKING. Yes really….

Okay, so this isn’t necessarily natural health related, but one of my goals is to pass on any deal I find to all of you.

So my husband told me about this online bank. I decided to try it since we will be traveling and finding our regular bank and dealing with in-person branches will be difficult.
And it’s pretty fab. So here’s what I have learned.
With simple, it’s 100% online. You can withdraw at any ATM, but certain ATM’s are free such as Kwik Trip (I only looked into this one because it’s local to us)
Anyway, they have no fees. Zero! You can do a goal, so if you save 1.00 a day, it goes into a goals account and that pretty much covers overdrafts and such. You can withdraw from the goals account and transfer into your regular account to cover overdrafts or just use that money.  It can be a goal for anything you want to save for which is super cool.

I am saving to pay for my aromatherapy school I plan on starting August and whatever I save to goals I will use to pay for that.

I also have a goal set up for just $1 a day so I can use that whenever I need to in order to buy…well whatever I want (which is usually essential oils!)

Customer service is easy and super fast too. If I have questions, I get an answer within maybe like an hour.
If you do overdraw, they just email you and ask you to fund the account or use your goals part of your account.
I even asked them if they had any fees, they said NOPE. None. I mean, what?!
Its not too good to be true. It’s not a scam.
They have no physical locations which I guess is the reason for no fees, no needing to pay employees at every location and all that jazz.
I’ve kept my other bank open for a while just to make sure it’s legit and works for me and it’s pretty cool.
If you sign up with my link, we both get a wallet! Pretty neat.

Check it out

Simple Bank


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