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TLC for the tummy.

DISCLAIMER: This information is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. The information written is the authors opinion and should not be taken as medical advice. Consult your physician prior to taking any supplement.

I have mentioned in the past how much I believe in the benefits of probiotics and I have mentioned some I use as well, but I also think it’s super important to read about them on other websites, so that you can get the best info from various sources. Review websites are great for this reason because it’s typically unbiased and backed up by research.

So, why are probiotics a big deal?

Probiotics are essential to our health because the gut is largely responsible for your immune health. Good gut flora means a healthier immune system and I am living proof. I haven’t had a cold or flu in nearly two years and I honestly think a large part of the reason is probiotics. Probiotics really help keep our immune system in tip-top shape and along with a healthy lifestyle, they can increase our energy and just generally help us feel better.

Take our little pac-man graphic here.

The pac-man is your gut. He eats the probiotic and the probiotic makes him strong and healthy enough to conquer the bad bacteria. If he eats the probiotic, the bad bacteria won’t get him and he can continue to the next level, but in this case, he can actually destroy the bad bacteria so it can’t get him again!

I was an Atari kid, can you tell?

I love reviewing products! I wish so much I could review products as a paid job because I think it’s so important that everyone get honest reviews of products we all use on a daily basis.

I also LOVE reading reviews. I NEVER buy a product without reading a review, not only from consumers, but from the companies and I think it’s really important that everyone start reading reviews and researching the products they use whether it’s a health product or even a toy they buy their child. Safety is everything and it should never be compromised.

Reviews from consumers are important so that you get the honest info from other people like you who use those products, but company reviews are just as important because they typically do research and review more than just one single product to find you the best product for your needs.

A site I have featured on here in the past in blog posts is

The last blog post about them was my post about natural deodorant reviews here.

What I like about this company is that they review several products, break them up into the consumers needs and break down the info into a easy to understand format.

This is important to me because honestly, I can’t understand the scientific speech behind a lot of stuff, but I can understand why it would benefit me for specific reasons like my health, my desire to cut out chemicals and so on.

Check out their review of the best probiotic supplements.

They have info from reputible sources, explain why probiotics are necessary and what goes into them that makes them so important and they didn’t just review a few products, but 70 and they explained why they chose the ones they did for their final review breakdown. I really love when I get the detailed reasons why a site chooses their products instead of the usual “we chose this because we like it” explanation.

Keep in mind, not all probiotics are equal. It’s important that you pay attention to the ingredients on your supplements, so you know you are getting exactly what you need and not everyone needs to use the same one.

I know it seems like there should be a “one supplement for everyone” bottle on the shelves, but we aren’t all made the exact same way and that’s a good thing! Variety is the spice of life, after all!

Okay, we are going to talk about doing the bathroom deed now…

I suffer from stomach upset and constipation due to medication side effects, but you may have IBS or even need to bounce back after antibiotics and it’s important that get the right probiotic for your specific situation.

We all know how crappy (I had to do it) we feel when we can’t do our bathroom business. The bloating, the general lack of energy, the frustration! It’s true, you’ve been there, let’s just admit it.

After my belly button infection, you can read about here, I was put on antibiotics and took probiotics during my treatment because antibiotics can kill the beneficial good gut flora that we need to stay healthy. Have you ever taken antibiotics and then just felt kinda blah during or after your course? Yep, that could be because your gut was taking a huge hit. The anti biotics, while they are necessary at killing off the bad bacteria, the good bacteria can be killed off too.

I took different ones during that time than I take now due to the fact that I was on strong antibiotics and needed a more powerful punch in my probiotics. Now, I take a daily probiotic that works wonderfully and has just what I need for my daily issues and immune health. By taking probiotics, I felt I recovered better from that infection and had very little lasting negative effects from the antibiotics such as low energy, stomach upset or even yeast infections. Yuck, I know, but these are things a quality probiotic can help prevent! Yep, ladies, go get yourself a probiotic!

Check out their review HERE and as always, do your research! This is your health we are talking about!

We only have one body, so why not live the best we can?! It’s funny how a thing like a probiotic can help us feel better, but it can and it’s important that you take your health into your own hands.

I am really grateful that there are websites out there that can take a bit of guesswork out of choosing products.







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