Mental Health

When not talking about my mental health is healthy.

I love my blog, I love writing for it and I love doing it passionately, but sometimes I need a break.

Sometimes I get asked…

“Wow, Tiffany, you must LOVE writing your blog so much,  but what about it don’t you like?”

It’s not anything to do with writing the blog, it’s my own mental health that needs the break sometimes. Not from blogging, but just life and blogging is a huge part of my life.

Those of you with mental illness will probably understand that need for a break from life. I don’t mean this in a depressing, suicidal way, i mean a mental health break from the things in life that may cause a bit of stress, whether good or bad stress.

With my husband and I traveling, we are seeing loved ones, dealing with travel woes, cats, and just basically getting to our next destination. Throw in our blogs, my Facebook groups and school and I can get a bit overwhelmed and need a bit of breathing room.

I also hate to blog when I have nothing to say. If I just sit here and vent, eventually I’ll lose readers because people don’t typically tune into natural health blogs to hear me complain about my life, but I do know that natural health includes physical AND mental health so I do like to explain my experiences and struggles with mental health every once in a while because I know I am not alone.


I think it’s important to talk about our struggles, but I think it’s okay to NOT always talk about them either.

Some of us need to vent and some of us need to talk, but some of us don’t.

When I am really feeling the stress or struggling with my depression or anxiety, I just want to decompress alone and gather my thoughts.

Sometimes I need to “talk myself down” and rationalize with the other half of me that tells me I’m being too sensitive, overreacting, thinking too much.

I think a lot of the time, those around us think we need to talk about our feelings all the time. When we feel depressed or anxious, we are urged to talk it out and while this absolutely works and benefits me sometimes, other times it doesn’t. Other times I really need the personal space, the time to just think and organize my thoughts and the time to practice some self care.

From time to time I might take a break without writing about it, but I will always be back.

This blog is my passion and I love it. It doesn’t make me a lot of money, get me a lot of recognition or make me lots of connections, but I never started it for those reasons to begin with. I just love writing and sharing my passion with all of you and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

Remember that it’s okay to take some time out for you. Even for an hour or ten minutes. Take a breather. Even if you can only get personal time while sitting on the toilet! Seriously, take a breather. Do some 10 minute meditation and just breathe.




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