We are not defined by our outsides…

Growing up in a society where media forces a definition of beauty on women is daunting.

As a young girl and teen, I was simply trying to survive adolescence and the crippling depression that was developing. It didn’t help to look at magazines and see these women, so thin, so “perfect” and I was expected to live up to these standards and most young girls are today.

We are bombarded by supermodels and curvy celebrities and the fact that Hollywood thinks a size 6 is fat.

I thumb through magazines at the doctors office and every other page is an add with a unrealistically thin woman promoting perfumes or lipsticks or underwear I could never afford and all I think is, “I’m not enough. Not good enough.”

These are the lies that enter my mind when I see these images, even though logically, I know it’s not realistic or healthy to look this way.

The following video is important and needed.


You are beautiful just the way you are!


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