Natural health isn’t just physical

I don’t talk about emotional and mental health as much as physical, but I think it’s really important. I hope to speak more about it soon, but lately I have been finding some amazing products to share with you so that took up my time.

You know, I think of health as a big umbrella. Each panel of the umbrella being a different part of you. One for mental, one for spiritual, one for physical, and so on. If one panel is taken away or damaged, the entire system breaks down. Maybe you can hide under one corner of the umbrella, but you will get wet eventually and the umbrella will break completely.

We have to take care of our whole selves. Mind, body, spirit. I think a big part of that is being who you are. Simply, just who you are. Genuinely you. Live in truth and kindness. Advocate for what is important to you. Roll with the punches, but fight for yourself.

I love finding people who inspire me and sharing them with my members. I have shared about companies that inspired and now I’ll share a project that a inspiring person I follow is a part of.

The person is Rain Dove

Not familiar with who she is? Check out the article below.

13 Reasons to Love Rain Dove!

She’s pretty awesome and pretty inspiring. Check her out here. She’s an advocate for stripping down the walls of prejudice and judgement, for being genuine, for living in truth and she inspires me so much.

It’s hard to feel “normal” these days. I struggled with this all my life. I wondered why I thought differently, felt differently, and acted differently and I thought because I was different, I was broken and less than.

I love the fact that Rain Dove promotes loving who you are, gender neutrality, kindness, love, and universal acceptance in the LGBTQ community.

Check out her new project here and please consider donating so you can be a part of an amazing piece of creativity!

Follow her on instagram here.

Be a part of something! Live your truth! Be exactly who you are in this moment!

You are loved.



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