The Tees Are The Bees Knees!

Check out these cute tees! Now you can help support the blog and our small business!

Sweet Honeybee Tees!


It’s my passion to share healthy info with you and with your support, I can keep doing product reviews and giveaways so you get the best info!

Okay, so why should you buy a tee?

The majority of my product reviews and giveaways are NOT sponsored. That’s right, I buy the items to review or giveaway so I can make sure my readers have the best info and try the best products.

Because of this, I can’t do as many giveaways or reviews as I’d like, because let’s face it, it can get pricey.

Not into tees? That’s okay! The shop has some awesome items for you as well like essential oil diffuser necklaces, essential oil products and even custom made items.

Not really into any of this? I have a patreon too! Even just a $1 a month goes a long way…$1 can help with product costs so I can provide amazing products to review and giveaway.

Please consider sharing, shopping and becoming a supporter!

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