What’s the hype about Hydrosol’s?

So I’ve heard so much about Hydrosol’s and for a very long time, didn’t know anything about them.

I decided to read up a bit and it’s quite interesting. I tried my first Hydrosol in the form of the Helichrysum Hydrosol from Plant Therapy and I love it!

I actually used it for my cat who was super stressed after a surgery. I would spray it on his bedding and my own and recently started using it on my face.

It’s a lovely scented mist and from what I’ve ready, it basically contains tiny little droplets of the essential oil within it.

Now I can’t possibly explain it as well at Plant Therapy so check out their blog.

Consider purchasing a hydrosol and see what you think about it. I think you will be really happy and feel benefits and they are affordable as well.

I love using mine not only on my body, but as a relaxing bedtime spray. I also use mine for skin abrasions, itchy skin, bug bites, and acne.


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