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CBD Loose Leaf Tea: How drinking CBD can benefit your health.

How can drinking tea benefit your health?

By now, you’ve probably heard about how beneficial drinking tea is to your health and of course, you know how beneficial CBD is as well.

Tea is much more than just a hot beverage. Certain teas can have major health benefits to the body and mind.

CBD loose leaf tea can combine the healthy aspects of tea with the awesome benefits of CBD. First, let’s get to know what tea can actually do for you.


According to a Berkley Health study, drinking tea can help with several conditions such as heart health, cancer, bone health and even dental health.

A phytochemical called polyphenol is what makes tea so healthy. Polyphenols are responsible for the antioxidant quality of tea. Furthermore, antioxidants are what fights free radical damage in the body, helping control the signs of aging as well. Also, antioxidants have been widely studied in what benefits they have to do the system including helping with diabetes, skin health, Osteoporosis and other conditions such as cancer.


Ingredients in teas such as honeybush and calendula have been used in teas for centuries due to health benefits such as reduction in symptoms of menopause, reduction of blood sugar levels, benefits to the skin and reduction in inflammation in the body.

Green tea is a wonderful and tasty way to get antioxidant benefits, in addition to Marigold, otherwise known as calendula, is wonderful for many skin conditions, known for digestive help and passion fruit is a great addition to any tea for reducing anxiety and adding a fruity flavor to beverages.

Turmeric is something I take daily for inflammation and it’s also fantastic for lowering cholesterol and boosting brain function. Safflower is a common addition in many natural skin products because of its anti-inflammatory properties for the skin and reduction in redness.

The three teas I tried are:

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Mango Herbal:

  • Organic Honeybush, Calendula Petal, Dried Peach, Mango Extract
  • Proprietary Full Spectrum Nano Hemp Extract (aerial parts) 150 MG (Cannabidol / CBD)

Passion Green:

  • Organic Sencha Green Tea, Marigold Petals, Passion Fruit Extract
  • Proprietary Full Spectrum Nano Hemp Extract (aerial parts) 150 MG (Cannabidiol / CBD)

Chai Turmeric:

  • Organic Honeybush, Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon Chips, Orange Peel, Peppercorn, Safflower
  • Proprietary Full Spectrum Nano Hemp Extract (aerial parts) 150 MG (Cannabidiol / CBD)

The Mango Herbal is a bright, fruity tea. This is made with honeybush, mango, peach and calendula. I tried all these teas both hot and cold and this is a fantastic tea over ice. It’s naturally and slightly sweet, refreshing and crisp, a perfect tea for summer. With added CBD, you’ll not be getting a healthy and delicious tea, but you’ll be getting your CBD too.

The Passion Green has a lovely green tea flavor with a fruity addition of passion fruit. Its subtle green flavor is a perfect tea, hot or cold, and gives you 7.5MG of CBD per cup. With the addition of marigold and passion fruit, you’ll get the health benefits of green with added health benefits of passion and marigold.

Chai tea is definitely a favorite flavor of mine. I have been a chai tea drinker since I was in high school and I love the warm, spicy flavor of chai tea. This Chai Turmeric tea, with cinnamon, ginger and orange, is delightfully spicy and turmeric gives it a fantastic health boost.

None of these teas are bitter at all and all the lovely flavors within came through perfectly. They are all perfect for starting your day with relaxing flavor or unwinding at the end of night.

Each jar gives you about 20 servings, 150mg total of CBD or 7.5mg per cup. Also, I found it super easy to make a perfect cup with about a teaspoon making a perfect 8 ounce cup.

Want a quick overnight iced tea?

Get a reusable beverage bottle (mine is 32 ounces) and add a tablespoon of loose tea to an individual tea brewer or bag (or use a coffee filter cut to size and tied off with cotton string). Fill with filtered water and put in the fridge overnight. Wake up to perfectly brewed tea and sip throughout the day.

I make my tea “iced” like this all the time and if you put it in a thermal bottle, it will stay cold all day.

Another tip: Make your tea, let it cool and pour into ice cube trays and freeze. Drop these “tea-cubes” into your tea in the morning for a chilled, iced tea that doesn’t get watered down.

If you are a tea drinker already or want to become one, you got to try these teas. CBD Living also has a Berry Black, Coconut Herbal and a Matcha Instant Green, so there’s something for everyone.

Each jar is $30, but way worth the price. For a really great tea with CBD, this is absolutely worth the cost. I love that there are so many different ways to get CBD and especially love they are easy and delicious such as these teas. Check them out at

Stay tuned for a upcoming vape juice review from CBD Living as well in some amazing flavors and maybe even a CBD Living giveaway!














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