What everyone should know about mental health medication.

Okay, no…meds aren’t a quick fix but they aren’t supposed to be. Meds don’t mean a prescription and if they do, so what.

Some people can use herbal teas and essential oils, some people medical marijuana and some people prescription meds, but whatever the form, medications for mental illness are just as important as insulin for diabetics or blood thinners for people with heart conditions.

There is no shame in taking something to feel better as long as you are in discussion with a doctor because, and I stress this on my site and my groups, that even herbal or holistic remedies can have side effects. Not everything, even it’s considered safe, will effect everyone the same.

I use essential oils and have no problem, but someone like my Mom, with extreme allergies, has to get tested before using them.

Just because you try one medication and it effects you badly, don’t give up.

You have the right to feel good.
You don’t have to feel sad.
You don’t have to feel suicidal.
You have the right and the ability to feel better.

Will we ever feel perfect or even “normal”? I really don’t know…but feeling better is a big relief when you felt suicidal prior to your meds.

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