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So, I’ve had a lot of changes recently and a huge loss, my cat of 13 years. It’s hard to keep up with regular posting on the Facebook group and this blog due to trying to get school admission deadlines accomplished and taking care of personal responsibilities.
I will continue to do this Facebook group because I love it and all of you and that is where my passion for natural health began and this blog is my current passion project, but I need your help.
If you are interested in natural health and you would like to help as a co-admin of the Facebook group OR a contributor to this blog, I would love to chat with you!
Requirements: A short amount of free time, creativity, fun, and common sense.
Easy peasy. Just take a little time and find healthy articles, videos, products and more and post about them. You can post your own experiences with them or what you found works better with them and I am going to try to post several times a week so between the both of us, it should be pretty simple. You can use pinterest, other FB articles, and web searches but you MUST cite any source you write about unless it is a direct link and ALWAYS paste a link to any company or blog site you feature.
Now, when I say common sense, I mean that this is a G rated to PG-13 site. PG-13 consists of sexual health articles, menstruation articles, body image articles or similar.
No foul language in your posts, nothing that is NSFW, nothing promoting violence/mature content/unhealthy habits or body image….again, use common sense and good judgement. Your posts will be moderated by me and I may ask you to edit any content you post.
If you think you’d like to help me, please check out the requirements and fill out the form below.
Incentives: When I get free samples and incentives from companies…guess what? You get them too!
Co-Admin: Moderate posts, comments, and members. Post natural health articles, topics, reviews, and experiences.
Receive samples for product reviews.
1 post minimum required weekly for you to post.
Blog contributor: Research and find exciting articles, tutorials, products and more and submit them to me for review.
Receive samples and do your own product reviews, either through blog post or you tube video.
Work at your own pace and submit at least 2 posts per month.
This is not a paid position, but a chance for you to share your passion with natural health and receive fun incentives!
Please go to the form here APPLY

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