Solar Flower Infused Organic Oils



Yes, you heard that right! Flower infused organic oils!

I have lavender, calendula and chamomile and they are amazing! I use the solar method and even though the process takes time, the end result is magnificent!

All organic flowers are infused in fractionated coconut oil or hemp seed oils.

Q: So why are these any different than regular carrier oils?

A: I am glad you asked! These oils are bought from the highest quality companies, making only the best and purest carrier oils and then solar infused with organic, dried flowers such as chamomile, calendula and lavender.

These flowers are of high quality, organically grown without pesticides and dried to seal in the natural healing benefits of each flower chosen.

Calendula is a plant that has been used for centuries for it’s natural anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties as well as naturally moisturizing for the skin. It helps with skin irritations from allergies and even eczema. It also is known to calm and heal skin ulcers, improve oral health and even fight cancer!

Chamomile is a sweet-smelling flower that is known to help relax and calm the body, reduce PMS symptoms and help with cramping, help with pain due to arthritis, helpful for skin disorders and much more!

Lavender is among one of my favorite flowers. The smell is instantly calming and relaxing. It has been used for it’s anti-bacterial benefits, skin issues, wound healing properties, and for pain as well as aiding in insomnia.

These three flowers were my top choices when I chose to infuse my own oils due to my own chronic pain and skin issues and anxiety induced insomnia.

Not only do they smell amazing, they work! The solar infusion infuses the natural scent from the essential oils in these plants right into the carrier oil making it safe to apply right out of the bottle. No mixing, no measuring. You can use these as a carrier oil in your own essential oil blends or apply to the skin for immediate relief.

What solar infused oils are on my DIY radar?






Marshmallow Leaf

Patchouli Leaf

Watch out for these and look for the lavender, chamomile and calendula in the shop in the next couple of weeks!




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