Self Care

It’s hard to remember to care for ourselves when we are suffering from invisible illnesses.

I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety for almost 25 years and that’s one reason I started this site and the Facebook group.

It began with a way to keep mind busy and occupy my time, but it’s quickly become a passion of mine.

I love sharing with others the things that help me feel good. Peace of mind is huge for those of us dealing with mental health and chronic pain issues and i know that when I find a natural solution, I want to share it with the world.

Self care is important and I think it’s necessary for peace of mind.

Take a few minutes and provide yourself with some self care whether it’s a pedicure, a nice meal, a nap, a craft you love, using essential oils and meditating, spending time with a pet or anything else that makes you feel calm and at peace. 

Even if it’s just taking 5 minutes out of the day to close your eyes and breathe.
You are loved.


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