No, we aren’t being party poopers…

So we are rv camping full time, we live in our rv and as with any living situation, we have to deal with neighbors, but that’s not the hard part.

Dealing with people is fine, it’s the side effects of those dealings that are the hardest. Others may say we are cry-babies, but there’s something to understand.

For people with anxiety, loud music and voices can be frightening. This is the same for some of those with PTSD or autism and other disorders. It’s difficult. Sometimes music calms us, so we play it to help with the noise in our head, but other times, when it’s so loud that 4 camp spots away, we can feel the music beating in our chest, it’s scary. It cuts the anxiety line in our heads. That line that may be stretched so tight that it’s hard to focus on daily activities, routine stuff.

When that line is cut, it’s like a over stretched rubber band. It snaps and the pieces go everywhere in our head, causing confusion, more anxiety and even a desperate feeling of panic.

We are all for fun, music, enjoying your weekend, but keep in mind when you are having a good time, others may be struggling to enjoy their time too.

As adults, we can most of the time tolerate it, but think about a child. A child with PTSD, autism, severe anxiety and other disorders that cause them intense fear and panic.

These loud sounds can severely affect their daily routine and routine is so important for someone with any kind of mental, emotional, or behavioral issue.

It is not necessary, unless you are literally at a music concert, to have your music so loud that the earth is shaking. When you are having a good time, screaming isn’t necessary either.

I know, I sound like a debbie downer, but you see, I can tolerate it. Loud music and voices were never an issue for me, but I think of those around us who are really struggling to enjoy their time out in nature when their own environment is making it tough for them.


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