Lack of sleep never killed anyone…

Maybe not, but it sure can affect us in so many ways. Health and sleep go hand in hand and everyone knows what lack of sleep can do us for one night, but what about chronic sleeplessness.

Sometimes I look at my cats and think, “How can you fall asleep so easily in any situation?”, and I admit, I am jealous sometimes, but animals sleep out of necessity, it’s just how they are wired. Humans are the only animal on earth that deliberately forces ourselves not to sleep. Other animals sleep because they are tired and to conserve energy. It’s just that simple, so why can’t we?

Daily stresses, anxiety, to-do lists…we all have them. Worrying about worrying is a big problem for a lot of us, but what if you knew just how beneficial sleep was? Would you maybe try to get more sleep?

Check out this article on the benefits of sleep.

Benefits of Sleep

Not only can it make you happier, but smarter and this article mentions scientific research on the subject.

Happy Zzz’s everyone!


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