Do I really have to dilute my essential oil?

Yes! Yes! Yes! I cannot express this enough!

Okay, so why do you need to dilute? Essential oils are potent and if you have a good quality oil, they are pure and undiluted.

Applying to directly to skin can cause irritation, sensitive, and reactions such as burning, itching, rash or hives. They can also cause you to become desensitized to their benefits.

Okay, so now confession time-I applied my Oregano oil undiluted by mistake and boy am I sorry I did that. I experienced a rash and a burning sensation on my skin and immediately washed my skin afterward.

The pic shows my red, blotchy skin and I usually have even skin tone on my neck and chest. Ouch!

Check out this list of oils with a higher risk value for undiluted application and get a chart like the one below at Plant Therapy


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