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Raw Nature Labs Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 750 MG Review

The following blog post is a personal experience. This does not reflect the opinions of the company being mentioned or anyone else involved in the CBD industry.

The next review is from a company called Raw Nature Labs. I tried the 750 MG unflavored tincture. Now, this particular review I did some research on and then tried it. I haven’t written really any negative reviews. I have stated some details here and there in my reviews that I may not like about the product or company, but I have always used the products I review for an extended period of time, if necessary, and noted the results. As always, I strive to stay 100% honest in my reviews so here we go.

First about the company:

  • On their website, they say their products are “raw”. Produced with no pesticides or chemicals. That’s great and something I definitely want to hear.
  • They do third party testing.
  • Use a full spectrum hemp.
  • They use a Nano-technology delivery system, which is said to deliver the CBD to the body more effectively. (I’ll discuss this further in another review coming soon.)
  • Located in Clearwater, FL although this is not on their website.

I did not see any lab results available on their site or where they get their hemp from, nor did I see anything about the owners of the company or where the science of the product is produced. I also did not see anything about any charitable causes they support. I did not see any claims that the products are fair trade, NON-GMO, but there are some mentions of the products being:

“highest-grade organic CBD extract on the market”

I did not see any written evidence of this on the website.

As for their products, they only have tinctures at this time. Their MG selection is 500-3000MG.

I looked for other reviews of their products on other websites, but so far only found one, which you can find here. On their website, there are three reviews written by two different people for two of their products, the 1500MG and the 500MG. Those are on the product page on their site. On the main page, there is a slide show area with some short testimonials written.

As I did my research on the product, I noticed a few ingredients in it that I didn’t particularly prefer in tinctures and I will get more detailed in just a moment.

  • Phosphocholine– Otherwise known as lecithin is found naturally in many foods such as eggs, soybeans, mustard and more. It is considered safe to be taken orally for short term use.
  • Sorbitan Monooleate– Otherwise known as Polysorbate 80. This is a widely used emulsifier in foods and cosmetics and is said to be safe for human consumption in limited use.
  • Propylene Glycol– Is an alcohol used as a solvent in the perfume and cosmetic industry and in the food industry and used as a flavor carrier in products. You may notice this ingredient in vape juices if you vape mixed with vegetable glycerin which has sweeter taste. It is considered to be safe for human consumption in limited use.

I followed the dosage instructions which are one full dropper daily as needed. At first try, I swallowed it alone and immediately got a very strong aftertaste and had to drink a lot of water after taking it. It was so strongly bitter, that I had a hard time wanting to try it again, but I figured maybe I would try it with a bit of water, as I usually do, so I can write on the easiest ways to take a product if this is a factor for users.  I did a full dropper again, put it under my tongue and then took a sip of water in my mouth and swallowed and again, It has a very strong, bitter flavor.  I was a bit disappointed, but I really wanted to give this a shot, so again I tried the tincture and I have to be completely honest on this, I had to spit it out due to the bitter flavor.

Now I understand why these ingredients are sometimes necessary in products, but I have used many, many CBD tinctures and have never ever seen these in the ones I have used. I have see propylene glycol in CBD vape juice and anyone who vapes regular juice or CBD vape juice will see it on the label. It’s mostly necessary in vape products because it produces an easier vaping experience, less throat hit and a thicker cloud. This is something a lot of vapers prefer.

The ingredients are explained a bit more below.

  • Sorbitan Monooleate or Polysorbate 80 is an emulsifier. This is used in products to basically hold your product together, or blend it. If your cosmetic item, for example, didn’t have this, it may separate and not look like it is supposed to look and the ingredients added to it would not blend well, leaving the end product unbeneficial or unattractive.
  • Phosphocholine or lecithin is used as an emulsifier or blending agent in many foods, also as a flavor protector so the food you are eating doesn’t taste stale or just generally lose it’s flavor. You’ll see this listed on many foods, look at the label of your next chocolate bar and most likely “lecithin” will be listed.
  • Propylene Glycol is most likely the cause of the bitter flavor. Food grade PG is known for having bitter taste. If you are a vaper and have ever gotten vape juice on your finger and then tasted it, you know what I mean. It’s got a bitter taste to it, but since most vape juices have vegetable glycerin in them as well, the bitter flavor of PG isn’t as strong as it would be alone.

PG is not something I could easily take in larger doses because of the flavor. Since I am sensitive to flavors in my CBD tinctures, I don’t prefer my tincture to taste like much of anything other than the MCT oil and the hemp used, which typically don’t have super strong flavors anyway in my opinion.

I really wanted to use this tincture for the entire bottle’s lifetime and do a very thorough review of the effectiveness on it like I usually do in my reviews, but I just couldn’t get past the flavor or the fact that these ingredients are in a tincture that I would have to consider for long-term use. I also will not ever promote a product I don’t currently use, have used or feel is not easy to use or beneficial. Since I can’t review on the beneficial effects, I can’t write a thorough review on that point.

I don’t think this product needs to have my usual leaf score because I didn’t do my usual review, so I won’t be including that, but I want you to read this and decide for yourself. Do your research and decide what is best for you.

More info on sorbitan monooleate

Raw Nature Labs

If I have any information incorrect or if you want to add your experience with this product, please contact me and let me know or leave a comment under this post. I welcome your feedback and would love to hear from you.

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