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CBD methods for vaping made easy

I’m sure by now you must wonder what is the easiest way to use CBD. Well, that’s a tough thing to answer being that each person prefers different methods. I use several different types and I’ll discuss my first method of use, vaping, so you can get an idea of whether this might work for you. First, let me start off by saying I am one of those people who need convenience and user friendly products in most areas of my life. I like those silly kitchen gadgets that make cooking easier, one step makeup, all in one body products and well, you get the picture. The same goes for my CBD use. I wanted to make sure I use easy to use methods while still getting great effects. Vaping works quickly because it enters the bloodstream through the lungs giving some users almost immediate effects. It can take up to 10 minutes or so to feel effect for some people and can last for several hours. The nice thing is that through vaping, you can get your CBD throughout the day, so you don’t need to keep applying or taking orally if it’s tough to do due to circumstances. I also feel vaping gives me the fastest effects when I feel really high anxiety. Even in the midst of a panic attack, I can vape my CBD and feel almost immediately better.

Vape pens are something I was already familiar with because of friends who already used them after quitting cigarettes. I was familiar with how to use them, the concept and how to fill them and when I did my research on CBD and discovered that CBD is available in this method, I was stoked.

As you look around, you’ll find so many different types of vaporizers (vape pens) available and the two main styles I have tried and currently use are included here.

The first type of pen was the pre-filled and chargeable pen, which you may have noticed people using around the time that vaping became popular, this also includes disposable pens which I think is amazingly convenient. You’ll find a lot of them look like the one here. It’s pre-filled and may or may not be chargeable. It may have around 100 puffs or more and when you are done with it, you just toss it. I love this idea so much and used a few of these in the beginning because I didn’t have to worry about how much to fill, how to use a fancy pen or anything else. They are also relatively affordable, the one below is $14.99.

Another type is a pre-filled cartridge that comes with (usually in a starter kit) a battery that you charge through USB. The battery is the one you see below and this is a pretty typical design. The cartridge is pre-filled and you simply screw it on the battery and use. Easy to use and most cartridges are disposable, so you can toss those when you are done, but keep the battery so you don’t have to buy multiple batteries. I have a few of these and love them! I have a few due to reviews, but I have found they all are pretty straight forward. When looking at these pens, they will almost always have a 510 thread (think of a way a bolt screws into a nut with threading). This is going to be basically the same in most pens like this and cartridges. The description should tell you if it fits a 510 thread. Some cartridges you find may be refillable and that’s also something I use as well so I don’t have a larger vape pen to carry around. The cartridge I posted below is one of my favorites too. A nice, sweet honey taste and really effective too. Cartridges can range anywhere from $14.99 and up and last for as much as you use it. I use these cartridges less than my regular fillable vape pen, but again for convenience, this is a great option. The refillable cartridge I use is also pictured below.

The refillable cartridge is similar to filling a vape pen which I’ll talk about next and this particular one is really easy to fill and use. The top mouthpiece screws off, theres a small hole for filling (which I recommend a bottle with a unicorn tip such as this) and voila, you’ve got your CBD ready to go.

Vape pens or typical e-juice pens may look like this. A lot of places have starter kits too, so you can get a juice, battery and pen all in one place making it simple to get started.



I got one of these so I could simply buy a CBD vape juice and fill it as I want to. It also usually holds more liquid and the battery lasts longer. It typically will come with a micro usb charger and a one button use, so it’s simple to use and you don’t have to worry about temperature or voltage settings. Just push the button and inhale, refill as necessary.


CBD vape juices will look like this. They come in a variety of flavors and sizes too. I have used Hemplebox and Koi and a few others, but I tend to go back to Koi and Hemplebox, as well as Blue Moon Hemp.  

They have the best flavors such as Koi Caramel Custard and Hemplebox Crispy. Dessert flavors are my favorite!




As you can see, vaping CBD can be pretty easy and honestly, it can be affordable too depending on how much you use and what brand you choose. Check out the links below to all the products mentioned and get an idea of all the variety of products you can to fit your budget.

CBD Cartridges

Hardware (vape pens and batteries)

Disposable CBD Pens

CBD E-liquid


I would love your hear your thoughts! Contact me below or leave a comment and don’t forget to connect with me on social media!

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