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Savage CBD Review-Gummy, E-Juice and Lotion

Savage CBD is a CBD company that I recently got to try a few products from and love the items tried! The ones I got are gummy worms, vape juice and lotion. I tried gummies and vape juice before, lotion is a new item that I hadn’t tried even though I had tried other types of topical CBD. I am pretty impressed with these products, as well as the company, so I am excited to do this review. Let’s get started!

A little about Savage CBD:

Savage is out of California and they make non-GMO, lab tested, pesticide free and THC free products. They offer military discounts as well, which is awesome. Another great thing, free shipping in the U.S.!

I’m going to start with the gummies and vape and then move on to the lotion, so let’s get started.

Gummies: Their gummy worms are similar looking to any gummy worm you would buy at your local grocery store. A rainbow color and sprinkled in sugar, they are bursting with fruity flavor. I had tried gummies from other companies in the past and while none of them were bad, some of them actually had a bitter aftertaste. These do not. These gummies are probably my favorite so far. They taste just like a regular gummy candy and each gummy has 50MG of CBD. With just one gummy, I felt a difference and I satisfied my sweet tooth. The nice thing about edibles are that they are not only yummy, but super easy to carry with you and pop one in your mouth when you need your CBD. It also doesn’t feel like you taking CBD because they are so good! I know that sometimes tincture can be hard to take, so edibles fix that problem nicely. A bag of these will cost you about $29.99 for a 6-piece bag, 500MG of CBD total.  They are made similarly to how regular candy gummies are made, so you are sure to get a great candy flavor from these.

Vape Juice:

I tried the Serene flavor which is like juicy green apple flavor and this stuff is good! I used it in my regular vape pen. I enjoy vaping CBD a lot. It’s nice to have it anytime I need it and not have to worry about carrying around a bottle of tincture. This juice has a great flavor and great effects. I have the 500MG bottle and for a 30ML bottle, it costs about $49.99 which is affordable from my experience with other brands. My husband even started using this flavor and really enjoyed it quite a bit and he doesn’t use CBD as often as I did, so I call that a win. Honestly, the best thing about this is flavor. If you want a vape liquid that packs great flavor with effectiveness, I would recommend this for sure. They also have other flavors that sound awesome such as a fresh baked cookie with raspberries and an unflavored CBD e-juice that will give any e-juice you use “a shot of CBD”. Their juices are vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, natural and artificial flavor and CBD and that is it. No added ingredients here, just flavor and CBD make it a great juice!


I saved this for last because honestly, I love this lotion. I cannot get enough of this lotion! The lotion is made with a lot of skin loving ingredients like comfrey root, safflower oil, calendula, shea and more. The scent is lavender, and this isn’t your perfume lavender, the lavender that you smell and wonder how it is even allowed to be called lavender. This is the real thing. Now I won’t call myself a scent master, but I am an aromatherapy student and essential oil user for many years now, so I know what lavender is supposed to smell like and I can pretty much tell when something is artificially scented with it or using an essential oil, and this is definitely essential oil. I am SO happy about this! Not only is this my favorite essential oil, but lavender has excellent benefits such as a calming and relaxing effect when smelled. Putting this in a CBD lotion is fantastic. Each 60ML bottle gives you 300MG of CBD and costs $44.99. I would absolutely buy this again! I tried a smaller bottle and found myself putting this on daily and am getting sad it’s almost gone. Skin feel was fantastic. Not greasy or oily at all. Made my skin soft without feeling heavy. It also soothed my skin. I have itchy skin from allergies and Keratosis Pilaris and it helped sooth that itchy feeling I get from those conditions, so I am pretty pleased with that. Getting CBD in an easy to use form like lotion is something I am really into since I use lotion on a daily basis as it is. They are also running a sale now for 20% off of the lotion and don’t forget to spin the wheel that pops up, if you are a new customer, for a chance to win a bottle of juice and sign up for their newsletter for a chance to win a 50% off coupon.

Overall, this is a pretty great company with great products and I definitely recommend checking them out.

I give these products a five-leaf score!


  • Price-while cost may be a concern for all of us, their prices are pretty affordable for quality CBD and quality is what you want!
  • Effectiveness- These products gave me great relief from nervousness and the lotion, just simply smelling it, made me feel relaxed.
  • Military discount.
  • THC Free
  • Lab tested.
  • Lotion is full spectrum CBD.
  • Lab tests available on the website.
  • Phenomenal customer service.
  • Great flavors.

As you can see, I love these products! Check them out here and explore the different products they have besides these as well such as pet spray, soft gels, tincture and even apparel!

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