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Okay, yes-so here is the deal. I have been trying for a very long time to set up a wholesale account so I can offer you guys some awesome natural products at affordable prices, but it is super expensive to buy the products in the first place and let’s face it, running a blog is not compensated unless you are doing youtube videos daily and getting revenue and really getting out there and advertising and that’s not really an option at this point for me.

I am going to set up a little fundraising account. It is for my business expenses only and to be able to grow my blog, my shop, wholesale, and pay for my business license.

I hate doing this sort of stuff, makes me feel like a jerk, but I really love promoting other businesses too and I feel that it’s important for those of us with our own small projects to support one another.

So, if you have a small business online, blog, shop, etsy, or anywhere else, please fill out the form below and I’ll feature you on my blog.

Next, please add friends who you think may love this group and my blog.

I’d like at least 4-6 people to sign up. I am opening sign up at 10PM CST. It will run until tomorrow afternoon.

After that, if you want to donate or not, that is fine. Just having the support and the interest is such a exciting thing I can hardly stand it!!!

Thank you all so much!!



  1. Also still looking for co-moderators and feature bloggers so please PM me about that.


Thanks guys!!









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