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Is Hemp Seed Oil Good for Skin?

You’d have often come across blogs and articles mentioning about the benefits hemp seed oil on your skin. But at the same time you’d also be wary of using oil that is derived from a plant that is infamous for producing a psychoactive substance. As the name suggests they are the seeds from of hemp plant scientifically known as Cannabis sativa. Though these seeds are derived from the same species as cannabis or marijuana but contain only traces of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the compound in marijuana that makes it psychoactive often leading to addiction. Widespread marijuana addiction led several constrictive laws that prevented the cultivation and processing of the plant.

Modern research has showcased several health and wellness benefits that hemp seeds and the oil extracted from them have. This has led to Governments do away with unnecessary constraints over the last decade or so. Hemp seeds are nutritious and along with the many health benefits are great for the skin. In the cosmetic industry they have become one of the trending ingredients used across products. Today hemp seed oil is being recommended for use on the skin by several experts. Years of research has gone on to establishing the benefits of hemp seed oil for skin and here we take you through some of these benefits –

It is a great moisturizer

To maintain healthy and glowing skin you need to moisturize it regularly. You’d have tried several types of moisturizers in the past but try one that has hemp seed oil and you’d be excited with the results. The fatty acid in hemp seed oil penetrates deep into your skin and hydrates it from deep within. This prevents your skin from drying up when you are exposed to dirt and other pollutants. Unlike other skin moisturizers that require regular application you can apply hemp seed oil at bedtime and enjoy a refreshing skin the next day.

It is rich in anti-Inflammatory properties        

A study conducted by the Harvard Medical School [1] found hemp seed oil to be rich in anti-inflammatory properties and it is known to relive skin inflammation faster than most other OTC medication that are currently being used. Creams and moisturizers with hemp seed oil are a great choice for people who suffer from skin rashes. They help in alleviating the problem and achieving smooth and glowing skin. If you have ugly rashes in your skin help oil can remove them after few days of application.

It fights acne

If you are struggling with the problem of ache hemp seed oil can act as a miracle cure. As we have already stated it is rich in anti-Inflammatory properties and this also make it the perfect product for fighting the problem of ache.It targets the root cause of the problem by clearing out the pores that secrete excess sebum. By clearing out the excess oil from your skin and hydrating it from deep inside it prevents those painful bumps from erupting and also removes the ugly marks on your skin over time.

It helps with Dermatitis

If you are suffering from Dermatitis and prescription drugs haven’t helped so far you can start using a product that is rich in hemp seed oil. A report recently published in Journal of Dermatological Treatment [2] has established the benefits of using this oil in the treatment of Dermatitis. The oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids and reduces inflammation and skin irritation in Dermatitis.

Keeps signs of aging at bay    

You don’t want to age, do you? While you can’t stop your biological clock you can surely delay the signs of ageing. And this is where hemp seed oil is being used as a key ingredient in several anti-aging products. Polyunsaturated lipids present in hemp seed oil improve the elasticity of the skin and prevent wrinkles and fine lines. They also keep your skin soft helping you retain smooth and refreshing skin as your body starts to age.

To sum up hemp seed oil has many benefits for your skin and this is the reason they have become the most important ingredient in many of the skin care products that you use. Try them without any fear and apprehension and you’d start experiencing the change within few weeks. There are several skin care products that come with hemp seed oil but to see the best results you need to apply this oil directly on your skin.

Summary – In this write-up we look at the several benefits that hemp seed oil offer to the skin and how they help in achieving smooth and glowing skin.

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Guest Post written by Ron Goedeke who has written for us before. Check here for his previous post.


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