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Urbul CBD Vape Pod Review

Urbul CBD is a new company for me and I hadn’t actually heard of them prior to trying their vape pod system. If you like the idea of pods for vaping, then you may like this one because it makes vaping easy. No filling, no changing coils, just pop in a pod and you are ready to go.

At A Glance:

Urbul is a California based company that was formed in 2018, so it’s a relatively new CBD company. They have tinctures, gummies and vape available to purchase now, but it looks like they are still expanding their plans to add more as they have pet and lotion options listed, but no products up for sale yet.

They use 100% organically grown hemp in their products, grown out of Colorado. Their products are all full spectrum, CBD Isolate giving high levels of CBD to maximize its effectiveness.

They also do batch testing, which means each product has a batch number and its own lab report. The batch number is on every product and there is a QR code you can scan with your phone and your lap report pops up to download, making it very easy to get a report. This is impressive in my opinion. A batch test basically means that a company may make smaller batches of a product and test those. Then do that same thing again, ensuring that all the products contain what they want and don’t have what they don’t want them to have such as pesticides or fillers. This company assures a pure product with no pesticides or fillers.

The Product Details:

The Urbul starter kit comes in nice packaging and while this may seem like a minute detail, but if a product comes in packaging that I can’t even make out what it is due to crazy colors or designs, it turns me off. May seem silly, but sometimes simple is better. I want my product to focus on what’s inside of it and not what’s on the packaging.

I tried is the mango flavor. Its ingredients are PG/VG, full spectrum hemp and mango flavoring extract. Each pod contains 250mg of CBD with about 300 puffs per pod. Each puff is about 0.83mg which is a good amount for a puff of CBD in a vape pod like this.

The Urbul starter kit comes with a replacement cartridge and the charging device which is rechargeable through the use of a micro-USB cable, as well as directions. It’s very to understand how to use and to charge.

The Review:

First, I want to say that I don’t use pod devices often, but this little device is nice and small. It will easily fit into a pocket and the cartridge popped into the charging device easily and was instantly ready to use. I usually use vape pens that you can fill with a liquid CBD vape juice and using cartridges aren’t always my favorite method, even though the ease of use is a plus.

At first vape, I didn’t care for the flavor. I tasted a sweeter, fruity flavor with a harsh finish, but with past experience with CBD vaping through pre-filled cartridges, it takes a bit of practice to find out what exactly works for you and what your preference is. Furthermore, I simply don’t care for a full spectrum flavor when using these types of devices. It just tastes very herbaceous to me; It’s not bad, but not my preference typically. I did use this a bit and definitely felt the effects of the CBD, which is the point of the product. I felt less anxious and more relaxed.

Overall, the flavor itself would be something that would deter me from buying a vape product like this again, but like I said before, I have had this experience in nearly every cartridge type device that uses a full spectrum hemp, so this isn’t something that has to do with the company, but it’s my personal preference on what I like and don’t like.

They do have several flavors available such as blackcurrant, melonberry, strawberry, menthol and unflavored, so there’s something for everyone. Each starter kit is $50, and each pod replacement is $30.

In Conclusion:

I am pretty impressed so far with this company. I know I only tried one product, but I like that they seem to be transparent about what’s in their products through easy to obtain lab reports and ingredients that are clearly marked on their product. They also have an explanation of how to read the lab reports, which I think is super helpful.

More so, they have a CBD dosing calculator here on their blog and I honestly think every CBD company should have this. It takes the guesswork out of dosing and proper dosing is important. Their blog also has educational articles on CBD for many topics with reputable sources cited.

Most of their products have good reviews from customers and their prices are affordable. Also, they have military discounts of 20% and a 30-day return policy for any product you aren’t happy with.


The Score:

Urbul gets a four leaf score!



Pros of the Vape Device:

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to obtain lab reports
  • Explanation of how to read lab reports right
  • Several different flavors to choose from.
  • Small and discreet, easy to take with you wherever you go.
  • Military discount.
  • Great return policy.

Cons of the Vape Device:

  • Cost could get high if you are using this device a lot depending on the severity of your condition. For a rough example, if I need 18mg of CBD per day (based on body weight), I would take 21 puffs per day, making this last me about 2 weeks, give or take some puffs. This is the reason I use pre-filled cartridge vapes on occasion so that I don’t have to buy replacements as often.


Keep in Mind:

Not every method you read about works the same for everyone. Vaping CBD may work great for you and not for others. It also may someone else’s preference and not yours. I use several different methods and find different methods work a bit differently depending on my condition and love the portability and ease of use of devices like this.

Also, I suggest you keep an eye on Urbul and try other products they have to offer. I’ll be keeping an eye out for the lotion and would love to try the lavender tincture sometime in the future myself.

Have a great rest of your week!






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