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CBD Five Vape Pen Review

I enjoy using CBD vape products and I think a favorite way to use them is to fill a vape pen vs. a prefilled cartridge. This way I can change between flavors and buy from different sources.

One great vape pen to use is made exclusively for CBD e-juice. It’s made by a company called CBDFive. First, let’s learn about the product and what it does.


Refillable, Rechargeable, Portable
·2 CBD Cartridge–(CBD oil not included)
·Wickless/Ceramic Rod
.5ml for CBD oil/1ml for both CBD Oil& CBD Wax
·Leak Proof/Patented Cartridge Structure Design
·Rainbow/Silver Finish
·3 Click Variable Voltage (3.4v/3.6v/3.8v)
·Universal USB Charging Cable

The refillable pen kit is $34.95 which is super affordable and easily accommodates any CBD vape juice you prefer.  I used different brands and got the same great results that I mention below.

How to use:

I simply filled it and started using it and it’s pretty great. Furthermore, I like it because its slim and portable and I can use this for CBD only, saving my regular vape pen for regular e-juice. One thing I noticed with regular vape pens and CBD juice is that it tends to burn my coil much faster than a regular e-juice, but this pen did not do this. Also, I can taste the CBD flavors much better without an aftertaste.

This pen has an auto shut off if not used in a few minutes time, so it doesn’t accidentally turn on in a purse or pocket. It has three different temp settings so you can get the perfect voltage on your juice. The light on the button changes color between voltage. I found the first option (3.4v) was perfect for the CBD juice I used. A lot of articles out there say to use between 3.3 and 3.7 volts and this pen gives you the options of 3.4, 3.6. and 3.8 so you can find what works best for you. It’s also best to pre-heat a thicker oil.

I love this little pen. It’s so easy to fill and easy to get the CBD without the fear of burning a coil that I use for regular juice and this pen prevents any odd or bitter taste I have gotten from regular pens because of the wickless coil.

What I love:

One thing I love is that there is no leakage with this pen. As a result, I didn’t worry about it leaking in my purse or pocket or onto clothing.

It takes about 30 minutes to charge this as well. Replacement cartridges can be bought for around $8.99 and batteries for around $24.99.

Learn how to use the pen with this video.

All in all, I give this product a five leaf score.


  • For someone who really loves to vape CBD, it’s a perfect option for those who only vape CBD or want a pen designed specifically for CBD and want a second option to use with CBD only.
  • Several voltage options and a preheat function.
  • Better flavor and no burnt coils.
  • Auto shut off after using.
  • No leakage.
  • Slim and portable.


Check out CBDfive and get one for yourself. It’s truly a great little device for using CBD easily.



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