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Amazing and fun ways to consume CBD.

Cannabidiol or CBD is gaining popularity among the world as a powerful and effective natural cure. Many people are exploring new ways for its beneficial effects. Many researchers have revealed its healing properties to the world.

It interacts with our body’s own endocannabinoid system to ensure promotion of health and wellness.

CBD is not only consumed for anxiety or depression but there are  fun ways to consume CBD.

1.CBD Labneh:

Labneh is a kind of Greek yogurt which is strained to make cheese. To make it edible to consume it as a dip, we require hemp infused olive oil and lemon to make a dip, which is delicious and ready to be served.

2.CBD Coffee:

Our day starts with a cup of Coffee, which energises our day and helps us to carry out the activities throughout the day. While making coffee, add 3-4 drops of CBD tincture, this has proven to be very healthy for all round development.

3.CBD Fruit Smoothies:

All of us love smoothies. This can work as a meal supplement or as a replacement. CBD oil is known to be as herbal note addition to our diet. Blend some kale, carrot, apple or ginger and add 3-5 drops of CBD for refreshing smoothies.

  1. Gourmet Popcorn:

We definitely need popcorn while chilling. Yes, we can get the benefits of CBD by eating consuming popcorn also. Add few drops or squeeze a CBD capsule to the melted butter while making popcorn. This can be served as a healthy snack.

5.Drawn Butter:

Butter in any dish goes well with Cannabinoids. Add few drops of CBD to the butter you use at home for cooking.  And make your favourite dishes by adding this CBD butter for more delicious and healthy meal.

  1. CBD Infused Edibles:

The CBD infused edibles are really delicious and have proved medically good for our health. You can consume cookies, gummies, tinctures, biscuits, truffles and waffles which are infused with CBD.

Final Thought:

CBD is known to be a breeze for your health. Even, if you do not vape, there are ways to reap the amazing effects of this hemp. You can use creams or lotions infused with CBD. You can always consume it with food. However, be cautious that you take or consume in the required quantities and not more than that.

Guest post written by: Alex at puregreen.guru

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