Product Review Disclosure

I love to share great products and savings with my readers and one way I do this is by doing product reviews. While some of these products are supplied by that particular company, some are also bought by me.

I also share links and savings through my affiliate relationships with companies that I really want to share with all of you.

Clicking these links and taking advantage of great offers is at no cost to you and I do not make money by you simply clicking a link.

Some links that you click on through a company may be linked to an affiliate site where I may earn points or funds for working with them after a buyer makes a purchase, but this helps me to be able to provide product reviews and pay for my blog subscription.

It’s important that you know that I will never promote a product I don’t believe in.

The products I review and promote are all products I personally use and/or love (depending on the review) and I pride myself in giving the most honest review I can.

Please contact me with any questions, offer a great product or let me know about any concerns you have with my reviews or links.

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