How to Use Essential Oil Jewelry

I believe in simple, easy ways to have a naturally healthy lifestyle. That’s why the jewelry I make is easy to use. Follow the directions below to learn how to use your new diffuser jewelry.

Pendant Necklaces- Steampunk: Slip the pendant off the chain and open at the top. Take a diffuser pad, add a few drops of oil (be sure not to saturate the pad or it may leak), then place it in the pendant. Slip the pendant back onto the necklace and you’re ready to go!

Cage Necklaces and Jewelry: The easiest way to do this is to gently open the cage wires just enough to pop in a wool ball. Be sure not to stretch it so much that it bends or it may not retain its shape. The easiest way to do this is to slightly open the cage and push your wool ball through against the wires. You will do the same to get it out.

Please note: If you saturate the diffuser inserts, they may leak onto clothing or skin, you only need a few drops of your favorite oil for effectiveness.

Care of Your New Jewelry: The materials I use are copper and/or silver plated, no lead or nickel. Because of this, they may tarnish after months-years of use. You may occasionally use a metal polish of your choice on it, but it should only tarnish on the inside where is it not viewable due to the EO touching the metal. If you see that you got EO on the outside, just wipe it off to prevent tarnishing. If you use a metal polish, be sure to clean it out thoroughly after application. It may interact with the essential oil and cause negative side effects. You may also use a gentle jewelry cleaner. I recommend making your own.

  1. Combine a little dish soap, salt, and water and soak for a few minutes.

2. Use a paste toothpaste and brush, preferably a natural toothpaste with baking soda and no SLS.

These will help restore shine and luster, without damaging your jewelry and they are much safer and more natural.

I also recommend a unscented dish soap without added dyes or fragrances. Be sure to dry your jewelry thoroughly as well so prevent further tarnish or rust.


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