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An Honest Review of IHF LLC Otto II Hemp Flower


IHF LLC is a Colorado-based, fully licensed & certified hemp farming and wholesale company. IHF wholesales CBD hemp biomass and many different cultivars of clones and seeds. The Company also wholesales CBD distillate, T-Free, Decarboxylated Crude, Isolate and other cannabinoids produced at our extraction facility. One of our primary goals is to make mutually beneficial deals, connections and contacts in the hemp industry.

IHF LLC is a leading name that deals in wholesale buying/selling of hemp and CBD. The company is vertically involved in seed to sale and everything in between. Over the years, it has touched every single aspect of CBD industry and hemp farming. It’s a rapidly growing network of hemp farming partners with acres of farmlands of its own.

IHF LLC deals in myriad hemp flower strains. Some of them are Cherry Wine, Oregon OG, Suver Haze, Hawaiian Haze, Pineberry, Cherry #5; just to name a few.  But, in this post, we will review one particular hemp flower by IHF – Otto II CBD hemp flower which happens to be one of the finest strains. What makes it particularly special is the high CBD content and the beautiful, uplifting, and relaxing aroma it releases.

Otto II Hemp Flower History

Otto II is a hybrid strain rich in CBD. It was first developed from a rare seed sample. In terms of quality, the seed is stable, vigorous and breeds high CBD expression. The company grows it in an indoor environment where the plant matures rapidly. The flowering can take place anywhere between 70-77 days. Colorado soil happens to be quite fertile. That combined with the sunny climate of the place allows hemp buds to reach peak levels by October latest.

In the absence of proper management, it’s all too easy for a plant to grow up to be rich in both high THC and CBD levels. To avoid that from happening, the company measures THC levels of the plant well in advance before the harvesting period. This testing typically happens 3-5 weeks before the big day. That is why Otto II flower can maintain high CBD content without accidentally locking high THC levels too.


Otto II hemp flower strain by IHF LLC is without a doubt one of the most beautiful looking strains out there.  The best way to describe the features of this strain would be like this – it’s 12% green, 80% purple and around 8% of it is covered in bright orange hair. The entire flower is coated with tiny visible crystals that look like frosty trichomes.

Taste and Smell

In terms of taste, this particular IHF LLC hemp flower tastes like a beautiful combination of lemon and woodiness. Talking about the fragrance – It has earth and citrusy tones. The flower comes in minty and lavender scents with subtle fruity notes.  The moment you unpack it, you will notice a sweet grassy/earthy hemp notes. However, these notes are soon taken over by a strong smell piney, mango-like, and citrusy smell which gets more and more intense as you break it up bud by bud.

Otto II Terpene Profile

Like any other popular hemp strain, Otto II is also rich in B-Myrcene and B-Caryophyllene. One unique thing about this flower is that around 17% of its terpene content is present in Farnesene. This terpene is popularly used in fruit coatings like the apple skins. This is the exact terpene which is responsible for that slight fruit aroma resembling a green apple.

CBD and THC Content in Otto II

You get a promise for less than 0.3 THC which is necessary as per federal laws. In terms of CBD content, you get a promise for anywhere up to 12% CBD.


IHF LLC is a licensed company with proper clearance by the Colorado Department of Agriculture to sell and distribute hemp and hemp products in all 50 states. It is also registered with UPS and USPS. The company is particular about implementing only organic farming technologies which means the final product that reaches customers’ doorsteps is free from heavy metals and harmful pesticides. Users can access certificate of analysis on the company website. It also comes attached with each shipment. Otto II carries less than 0.3% THC, which is the legal limit, it means this flower is legal in all 50 states of the United States.

The popularity of Otto II CBD Hemp Flower

The fact that this particular strain is rich in color, appearance, happens to be super dense, and releases a beautiful soothing aroma contributes to its popularity. There are countless accounts on social media where you can find people gushing about Otto II by IHF.

 Final Thoughts

Let’s just say that Otto II is a wholesome, well-rounded CBD hemp flower with ideal terpenes and CBD profile. Taste wise, it’s mellow and will help you relax after a tiring day. Its rich, vibrant, and colorful buds make it aesthetically appealing and highly unique with an impressive range of effects.


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