Aunt Flow Tampons and Pads

Aunt Flow is a tampon and pad company that provides a subscription service so that you can get your monthly necessities delivered right to your door. If you haven’t heard of them, I encourage you to check them out. Have questions?

Q: What’s so special about this?

A: Well, they use 100% cotton so they are healthier for your body.  Take a look at their FAQ

Q: Okay, but I can get organic products at some local stores, why subscribe online?

A: Aunt Flow is different. They are a buy one, give one company. This means that when you subscribe to a box of tampons, Aunt Flow gives one to the organization of your choice. This helps numerous women and girls who are unable to get period products.

Q: Okay, I get it, but aren’t subscription boxes expensive?

A: When you consider the benefits, no!  1. You can customize your box to you exact monthly needs so you get exactly what you need every month. 2. Cotton menstrual products are much healthier for you and have been shown to reduce the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome. 3. You are helping someone in need simply by buying products that you need to buy.

Q: I love what I hear, but I’m reluctant to spend this right now. Any savings?

A: Of course! Just subscribe and enter code HONEYBEE for $5 off your first box when you subscribe!


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