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Mary’s Nutritionals Review

Happy New Year! I thought I would start off your New Year with a review! This time it’s from Direct CBD Online and I am reviewing Mary’s Nutritionals Sample CBD Pack. Direct CBD Online has a ton of reputable brands such as Koi, Charlotte’s Web and more, so be sure to check them out as well. Let’s get on with the review.

Mary’s Sample Pack $34:

  • 1 – Mary’s Elite Patch-10mg, 8-12 hours of wear, $10 per patch
  • 1 – Sample Topical Compound-100mg CBD, 28g size, $50
  • 1 – Sample Muscle Freeze-75mg CBD, 1.5 ounce, $35
  • 1 – Sample Gel Pen-50 doses, 2mg, $50
  • 1 – Sample Remedy Oil-15mg, 250 doses, 500mg, $80 (contains myrrh, cinnamon oil, cinnamon bark oil, terpenes, CBD, almond oil)


The patch was pretty awesome. I felt relief for sure. I put this on my inner wrist area as described on the label and wore on a day I was feeling some back pain. I did feel relief from the pain, the pain didn’t go away completely, but I was able to move much better than normal. I also love that it did not slip off or leave a sticky residue when removed. It can be worn for 8-12 hours which is nice, so you get your CBD without having to keep applying a topical or taking tincture throughout the day. It’s not a paper type patch but more of a foam feel, so it was nice on the skin, not scratchy and it did move with my skin as well. I actually applied it low on the wrist, where my wrist joint is, and it kept falling off in that area, so I moved it up a bit and it was perfect. It didn’t lose adhesive when I moved it, either, which is nice. This patch runs $10 per patch and that is the thing that would cause me not to buy this again. If I were to use this daily, it would be not being affordable for me at all, but it does work so it’s really something I would use along with other products.

Next is the elite topical compound and honestly didn’t feel this was much different than other for effectiveness. It smelled nice, applied easily and didn’t feel greasy. I like it a lot for skin moisturizing and it has some nice oils in it such as sunflower and grape seed which are excellent for skin and even scarring. Mango butter provides a nice moisture to the skin as well. For a daily, spot CBD cream, I would say this is pretty nice. It’s about $57.99 for 28grams of product or one once, so it’s a bit pricey.

The muscle freeze gel was probably my favorite of the products. It was a nice feel and had a very strong cooling effect. It didn’t have a strong, medicinal smell either, which I honestly would expect from most things with menthol and camphor in it, but this didn’t. I felt a lot of relief with this and it quickly helped with shoulder and neck tightness in my muscles. It’s got some skin loving oils such as grape seed, apricot and sesame oil as well so it wasn’t drying at all and felt less greasy than I expected. One ounces runs $39.99 and has 75mg of CBD and honestly, I would buy this for the effectiveness. I love the cooling products and feel the camphor and menthol help ease muscle tension, especially after a workout.

The elite gel pen was pretty nice as well. It smelled really good, fresh and light and felt more like a lotion. It was recommended to apply to places such as the wrist, back of knee or top of foot. I honestly can’t say if I felt anything from this anymore than either products as well, but I did love the texture and easy application. It’s not greasy at all. In the sample pack, it comes in a small tear pouch, but for the full size product, it comes in a pen shape and I find that pretty awesome for portability. It’s 100mg of CBD in .22 ounces which is 50 doses at 2mg each.


The last product is the remedy oil which is an oral tincture. It comes in a 12ml size and has 500mg CBD. One drop is 2mg of CBD, so this tiny bottle packs a punch for the amount of CBD you will get. It’s nice it comes in a small bottle too, easy to drop in your gym bag or purse. It has myrrh, cinnamon oil and cinnamon bark oil, almond oil, CBD and terpenes. I didn’t care for the flavor. As I have stated in the past, I prefer my CBD to be flavorless or just a natural, MCT flavor. I also don’t like to ingest essential oils or food grade oils such as cinnamon. I know these oils can be beneficial, but some oils can interact with prescription medications, so be sure to ask your doctor prior to taking this, as well as trying any product of course. As far as effectiveness, I will be totally honest, I didn’t feel this was any more effective on my anxiety or pain than anything else I have tried. I am not saying it didn’t work, but it worked just as well as others. I do love the small size, making it super easy to take with you places, but this little bottle will run you about $124. Now keep in mind, there are 250 servings in the bottle so at $80, say you use it twice a day (directions say two drops as needed), then it would last about 4 months which is pretty awesome for cost. This would really depend how much you use it.

All in all, these products are pretty great, and I’ll give it a four-leaf score.


Effectiveness of products

Topicals are easy to apply and use

Tincture is just as effective as other products in a small bottle, potency in a small bottle

They do offer a sample pack of the products I reviewed for $34, a great way to try the for yourself to see if you like any or all of them.

Testing available on the website at


Cost-the patch is $10 a patch, a bit pricey for me personally being on a budget but if you buy 10 patches on their website, you save $10.

Flavor of the tincture-I don’t prefer flavored oils or essential oils as I don’t ingest essential oils, so I would rather this be unflavored and without the oils.

This brand also has pet products and a few other pretty interesting stuff such as massage oil, bath bombs and body scrubs.

Also, check out DirectCBDOnline for a lot of other great brands including many I have reviewed like Koi CBD and CBD Fx.

Also, use code NEWCUSTOMER10 for 10% off

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