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A personal testimonial about CBD and recovery by Andrew.

I started writing my blogs because my passion is helping others. I want to know that I have helped someone and that the content I write about helps others too. I am so happy that my readers are being affected by CBD in such positive ways!

This testimonial was submitted by a reader, Andrew, who wanted to share his experience with CBD and his recovery. I am so touched and excited that CBD is helping so many people and love that I get the honor of sharing this with all of you. If you have a experience you would like to share, please fill out the form at the bottom of this post.

I’ve been sober off of drugs and alcohol for a little over 3 years now. If it was a abusable, then I would abuse it for whatever high I could get. After rehab and my journey to get sober, I still had issues with relapse abusing simple OTC medications and house hold products the get a buzz. I was as bad as they come. To me, any substance that can alter my mind in any way was completely off-limits. Having finally started taking suggestions from my sponsor (we all know how hard that can be) I have managed to get a small amount of sobriety under my belt. I do suffer from depression and anxiety which was covered up by my addictions and also fueled by my addictions. I do take anti-depressants but nothing ever seemed to help my anxiety. Recently I had gone through a rough patch in life. Girlfriend gone. Car was totaled. Owe lots of money and have none. All in the course of about a week. I hadn’t felt this level of anxiety in years. Naturally, a person like myself would turn to the bottle and just keep my wits about me. That’s not an option for me anymore. The last thing I had ever wanted was to rely on a substance ever again. I had done some research about this NEW product that’s been coming to market and making quite a name for itself. CBD oil. I was concerned at first, being that it comes from the marijuana plant. I did quite a bit of research to find that there is no psychoactive ingredients in this oil. No THC. I tried to find reviews left and right about taking this oil as a person whose recovered from addiction and found a few but not many. I ended up buying a bottle of it to see what it was all about. Talked with my sponsor and sober friends and ended up finding out some already take it. I had finally received my first bottle. 300mg. I felt as if I had a knot in my chest for weeks, only for it to completely unfold and loosen itself in a matter of 15 minutes after taking my first dose. That’s not ever the best part. The best part was I felt COMPLETELY NORMAL. No buzz. No head high. No dizziness. Nothing. Just the amazing feeling that I had finally been able to breathe and sleep normally again. The anxiety just melted away. I’ve been taking this daily for a few weeks now. 2 doses a day. I don’t feel attached to it and can go without it with no problems. So the question is “Can you safely take CBD oil without the feeling of ruining ones sobriety”? My answer is a straight YES. That being said, I would recommend it ONLY if you need it for anxiety, depression or any other quality it may possess in your benefit medically. It has helped me greatly and I believe it can help many others in sobriety as well. – Andrew K.


Thank you to Andrew for sharing his story and inspiration. Share your own story by filling out the form. You may remain anonymous and I will contact you for more information.


Photo: Pixabay Creative Commons

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