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Review of Crescent Canna CBD Drops and Savings!


I’m back with another review for Crescent Canna. If you didn’t read my first review, check that out here. You’ll get info on the company and a review of their topical pain crème and freeze roller which are amazing. I covered company info in the last review, so let’s get right into the review of the tinctures I got to try.

The Review:

I tried the 1000mg drops in both Peppermint and Mandarin Lime flavor. These contain food grade flavorings, sunflower oil, MCT oil and CBD isolate.

I was super excited about the Mandarin Lime because I love citrus flavors, especially in tinctures and this particular one did not disappoint. It’s so fresh and crisp tasting. More so, it’s easy to take alone or with a little water. There is no aftertaste either; I actually really enjoy the flavor of this tincture.

The same goes for the peppermint. I have tried peppermint tinctures in the past and some are so strong, they give me heartburn, this one didn’t. More so, this peppermint is cool and refreshing and doesn’t taste bitter. Just a smooth, mint flavor.

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The flavors are amazing, but I honestly have to get to the review how effective they are.

These work. It’s just that simple. I am head over heels, in love with these tinctures.

Not only do they taste good, but they are so effective.

I suffer from chronic pain, as you probably know, as well as neuropathy in my feet. My feet get tingly and get that annoying pins and needles feeling. It drives me crazy, especially at night and sometimes I don’t sleep due to it.

These tinctures, in my personal experience, greatly reduced the neuropathy in my feet. In addition, they greatly helped with my pain in my legs, back and neck.

I didn’t experience any negative side effects, but everybody is different so take that into account when trying any CBD oil.

Also, I felt less anxious as well and a lot of that is due to the reduction in pain. I feel like since I had a reduction in the neuropathy in my feet, I was able to sleep better because I wasn’t kept up with that annoying pins and needles sensation or pain in my legs.

This review could go on and on for days about how much I love these tinctures! Also, I kept taking these past the time I usually do for a review because I was trying to find something I didn’t like, but I just didn’t. I think it’s important to explore every aspect, good and bad, of every product and honestly, I found nothing I didn’t like about these.

About The Products:

The 1000mg is $64.99 for one ounce. They also offer500mg for $39.99 and 2000mg for $99.99. Flavors offered are Mandarin Lime, Peppermint, Strawberry and Unflavored.

Of course, these products get a 5 leaf score!


  • Natural ingredients
  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • Tastes Good
  • Easy To Take
  • Testing Results on the Product Page

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In Conclusion:

If you are looking for a quality product with good ingredients that work, then you must try Crescent Canna. I really love these tinctures and am pretty sure I will continue using them from now on. They just work and I can’t say it much better than that. When you live your daily life with aches and pain, tingly legs and feet and anxiety, then you know what it means to find a product that helps. In my experience, these do the job and exceeded my expectations.

Check them out here and stay tuned for my vape cartridge review in the coming weeks. Buy some drops for yourself and save with my promo code HONEYBEE10. You don’t want to miss out on these!

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