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Review of Leafy Drops 500mg CBD Tincture. Save 30%!

Happy Holidays! I’m back with a review from a company called Leafy Drops. They are pretty fantastic company with CBD products ranging in different milligrams from 250-1000 in their tinctures, ranging from $39.99 to $79.99. They also have a body butter I’m dying to try, but today I’m reviewing the 500mg tincture.

Let’s start with the facts!


  • The company was established this year in 2018 and is a veteran owned company and the company owner, a veteran himself, struggled with anxiety and depression after leaving the service. Seeing a need for a product that would help others like him, he decided to start Leafy Drops. I love companies with stories like this. People that have bene through the struggles and know how important relief is to those of us who desperately need it.
  • Their products are 3rd party tested to assure quality and their products have no THC, so they can ship to all 50 states with no problem. They also have a money back guarantee and 3-5-day shipping.
  • The prices range from $39.99 to $79.99 and honestly, these prices are quite good, and this IS affordable for a quality CBD product. I love that about this company. Each bottle of tincture is about 80 servings, so if you are using as directed on the bottle, you’ll have over two months-worth in one bottle and I’ll touch on that in my review shortly.
  • They use CBD and MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides or medium chain fatty acids) and no additives or anything artificial. MCT oil is excellent for the body and their MCT oil is from coconut oil and NOT palm oil. They also emphasize that they use MCT specifically from coconut and not native palms that are within the habitat of orangutans, so using pure MCT from coconut, is a way to help with that mission.
  • MCT has been known to help support weight loss, clean energy, may help lower cholesterol, easier to digest than other fats, helps with intestinal gut flora and may help treat conditions such as candida or yeast type infections in the body
  • Their products are vegan and their tinctures are gluten free.

Leafy Drops sent me the 500mg tincture and according to directions, it says to use ¼ dropper as the recommended dosage. As you can see in their dosage chart, it recommends you start with your ¼ dropper for 7 days, then increase by ¼ dropper for another 7 days and so on to find your desired dosage and the results you are looking for. I did do the ¼ dropper for the 7 days. Keep in mind, my typical dosage is higher than this, but I wanted to do what was recommended to start with to see how this product affected me. I did not get the desired results in the first 7 days, but this dosage is suggested for anyone just starting out with CBD.

As suggested, if you do not get the desired results at the second week, totaling a ½ dropper, then you can increase by a ¼ dropper. I’ll admit, by the second week, I was a bit concerned that I wasn’t feeling the typical less anxiety and more relaxed feeling I usually get from CBD, but I kept with it and increased to one full dropper twice a day and got my results! I think one ml (one full dropper) twice a day is my sweet spot with the 500mg tinctures and that’s why I typically stick with this mg range.

Now for taste: There is none, which is good in my opinion. I don’t prefer a sweet, flavored tincture. I don’t mind them, but I would rather just have MCT oil and CBD. Some tinctures I’ve done reviews on in the past may have added sweeteners, while they may be natural, in my opinion they aren’t necessary. I can see why they may be for some people, though. I also have had tinctures that are pure hemp oil, which is great, but the herbal flavor isn’t my favorite.

Now, every product will affect everyone differently. Some people prefer sweet, flavored tinctures and some love the herbal flavors, keep that in mind when choosing a CBD tincture.

This tincture really did the job. I’m pretty impressed with it. It gave me the desired results and as I did my research, I realized that one bottle of 500mg, at $59.99, will last you about 80 servings if you only take the ¼ dropper a day. At that dosage, one bottle lasts you over two months. That’s a great deal for CBD. If you are at ¼ twice a day or you up it to ½ dropper, it will last you about 40 days. If you take into account prescription medications, especially for those of us who are uninsured, this price for over a month of use is pretty good and this is a lower priced yet high quality CBD, so that’s amazing. This company really knows its customer base and what they need from CBD.

Keep in mind that more doesn’t always mean better. If you are used to taking a large amount and think that automatically taking a large amount of a new product or if you are new and think that a larger dose might help you more, don’t be fooled. Starting low and gradually increasing will help you find your “sweet spot” in your dosage and that way you can calculate how much your CBD will cost you and what dosage is perfect for you.

There’s really nothing I can say negative about this particular tincture. I enjoyed it and it was really easy to take. So, let’s do our leaf rating!

I give this product 5 leaves! Yep, a perfect score!



Easy to take orally

Flavorless, which is my preferences.

Easy to understand dosing chart.

Veteran owned company.

Made with pure CBD and MCT oil.

Third party testing.

Excellent customer service.

Fast shipping.



If I absolutely had to choose something, it might be price, but like I said, this is an affordable CBD product in my opinion based on others I’ve tried and done research on, but I know cost is a big concern for a lot of you.


Quick Facts:

Veteran Owned Company

THC Free

Gluten Free/Vegan

CBD and MCT (medium chain triglycerides or medium chain fatty acids) oil (MCT uses sourced from Coconut and not palm oil)

3-5-day shipping

Satisfaction guarantee

500, 750 100mg in tinctures

Body butter in 500mg and 750mg

Third party testing

80 servings in one ounce (500mg)


Another awesome product for you to consider! Stay tuned for more reviews and check out Leafy Drops! 

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