Got sleep?

I am finally able to get to the sleep post I promised. My little cat had major surgery yesterday and is better, but it prevented me from taking any time for anything else. Without further delay!

So I’ve dealt with insomnia for quite a while now and it looks like some of you have too.
I’m glad to see most of you get 6-8 hours of sleep, but I know it’s not easy to get the sleep necessary for staying healthy.

Here are the remedies that have helped me tremendously recently!

First, essential oils are a must. They are so beneficial and helpful for so many things and stress relief is a huge benefit. I know that if I am stressed, I don’t sleep or at least not well.

My favorite way to use EO’s is diffusing. If you haven’t started diffusing yet, please, please start now!

Diffusing not only diffuses the healthy benefits of EO’s, but it also helps add moisture to the air, cleanses the air, and aids in healthy respiratory function.

My favorite blend is here:
Roman Chamomile

Check out info about EO’s here


These are all great for stress relief, relaxation and general well being. If you haven’t tried diffusing yet, check out this diffuser. I love this one so much! It has two light settings, two diffuser settings and the lid locks so it prevents spillage. It’s only about twenty bucks and mine has lasted about a year and a half so far. It’s quite fantastic! https://www.amazon.com/InnoGear-Aromathe…/…/ref=sr_1_1_a_it…

Second, have you ever tried Badger Balm? Well, I had heard of it and seen it in stores for years, but never tried it. I decided to order from their website and tried a few balms, but mainly the Night Night balm and Sleep balm and they are fantastic!
They are 100% organic and made with essential oils and they really do help relax before bed. I was skeptical, but pleasantly surprised when I woke up not remembering falling asleep!

Check out www.badgerbalm.com and get free shipping after $25 and a free, full size gift with every order! They also have skin care products, baby and mom products, aromatherapy and more.

Last but not least, meditation is one of the very best and most effective things I have tried. The best meditation app I have found is Headspace. It’s really easy, 10 min meditations and it has programs you can customize to your needs. It has singles, which are single meditations and then programs with topics like sleep, fitness, depression, anxiety, fear of flying and even headspace for kids! It’s seriously awesome! I’ve been using it for about 6 months and it has changed my life. The thing I love most about it is how easy and short the meditations are. I have little to no focus and more than 10 minutes is very difficult for me. I encourage you to try this if you can and the best part, I am sharing 10 days of 10 minute mediations for you try free!! It’s so easy and so worth it!


Have a great week and good luck with your journey into natural health!







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