Hempconnex Agape Body Spray Review: CBD Series

Hempconnex is a company that I have discussed before and have tried their tinctures. While most of my reviews are tinctures, I wanted to showcase a fantastic product for topical relief.

I discovered Hempconnex through samples, which they still have available here.

The body spray is 100% natural and extra moisturizing with ingredients such as almond oil, sea buckthorn oil and avocado oil, plus more skin loving oils for ultra soft skin. This spray contains 250mg of hemp extract, providing excellent relief of pain and inflammation.  It has 11 nourishing oils and CBD, no artificial ingredients and no chemicals and this really appealed to me.



I loved this so much that I got a large bottle and I use it daily. It’s particularly helpful for morning stiffness in the neck and shoulders and I also use it for joint pain and neuropathy. A little goes a long way too, which is great so that I am not constantly buying more oil, but I would anyway due to how well it works!

I think what I love about it, aside from how effective it is, is that even though it’s an oil, it doesn’t stay greasy on my skin. It absorbs quickly and leaves my skin soft, not oily. It also smells like fresh oranges which is so soothing and uplifting. Citrus oils are a great way to not only feel energized, but also calm.

Hempconnex is a pretty awesome company, not just because I am an affiliate, but because they truly do CBD right. I didn’t become an affiliate until I tried their products and I truly, sincerely believe in their products.

I have tried their topical spray and their Orange flavored tincture and they work amazingly!

They also have massage oils, pet products, vape products and more, so please check them out and get your samples. You can get a sample of the body spray and the tincture, just pay shipping. It’s absolutely worth it! Not many companies offer samples and that speaks to their pride and confidence in their product.

I wrote a testimonial for them on my experience and want to hear from you with any questions or comments.

A 4 ounce bottle is $50 and a 8 ounce bottle is $70 and honestly, this is a great price. I have searched for topicals that are a good size for the price and these seem to be the best deal so far.

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