Finally heading towards the sun…

Tomorrow is the day, or today to be literal, that we are finally (hopefully) heading to Florida.

If you aren’t familiar with our crazy transmission issues, visit our RV blog here and catch up. Anyway, it’s been way cold here in KY and we are headed south to get some Florida sun.

We were going to go back to WI and continue residency there, but honestly, with my chronic pain and depression, the winters are too hard on me, on us both. We are going to go ahead and be residents of FL again so we are hoping that will help out my pain, depression and get some much needed sunshine.

It’s been a long 4 months and it’s been cold and frustrating and difficult, but it’s been a life lesson and it’s helped us both learn how to be real adults!

I am pretty exhausted now, been organizing all day, but I wanted to get a quick update in on the blog.

Wish us luck and pray for us that we have safe travels.