Sleep is for the weak…Part One

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Sleep is for the weak?

Well, its kind of true, but let me rephrase that…Lack of sleep is for the weak.

Yes, that’s better. Lack of sleep WILL make you weak in every way.

We’ve all been there-we stayed out late, had a little too much coffee, or just couldn’t sleep and begged our brains to let us go to bed, but it wasn’t happening…then we wake up, feeling totally exhausted and discouraged because we have jobs to go to, families to take care of or just basic responsibilities and facing those things after a night of no sleep, is absolutely overwhelming.

For years, I have suffered with insomnia. I tried the prescription stuff and I don’t even want to mention the terrible side effects such as hallucinations! No thanks, next…

Then I did herbal teas which helped me relax, but didn’t quite get me relaxed enough to sleep, supplements such as melatonin, over the counter products like Simply Sleep or ZZZQuil and sometimes the OTC products even made me feel wired!

While we all have had sleep issues at some point in our lives, sometimes those of us with anxiety induced insomnia have a much tougher time getting the sleep we need to feel good or even function. I remember times, like two nights ago, where I laid down in bed, ready to sleep, so tired and nothing. I just laid there. I laid there, looking at the ceiling. Begging for the sleep gods to hear me. I would do breathing, I would literally count sheep (okay cats jumping over fences, but that’s so much cuter right?)


I would recite songs in my head, think about boring subjects in school and then my mind ended up on how to properly sort laundry. What?!

So what’s the big deal about sleep?

Well, let’s take a look with some sleep facts provided by  and

Man is the only mammal that willingly delays sleep.

Otters hold each others’ paws, while drifting asleep in the water, so they don’t float away. (I had to include a picture, how cute are they?!)

36% of Americans drive while drowsy or even fall asleep while driving!

One of the biggest reasons we don’t get enough sleep is 24 hour internet access.

One of the primary causes for not getting enough sleep is forcing ourselves to stay awake.

Infographic is by The Cleveland Clinic

Okay, so now we got some facts on just how important sleep is. It not only affects our physical health, but our mental health as well.

I know when I don’t get enough sleep, I am a super grump and my husband will tell you that’s an understatement!

I feel unable to focus, have brain fog, feel irritable and even sometimes have no appetite or find myself binge eating. I feel anxious and often depressed, too.

After trying nearly everything I could think of, many of which I didn’t list because we would be here all day, I was pretty much ready to give up and just accept the fact that I wasn’t made to sleep.

I tried a product from the drugstore called MidNite. It’s homeopathic and has herbs in it and figured it was a safe choice to try to it actually worked quite well, but here’s my dilemma. It’s not widely available online and since I am traveling, it’s not easy to get to a drug store all the time. It’s also not always in stock at drug stores. I checked amazon and other online retailers and it wasn’t even near close to being affordable. At the drugstore it runs about $10, but online, it was upwards of $30 and why pay $30 for something I paid $10 for once before?!

So, I was on Facebook, perusing my news feed and of course, cat pages, and saw an ad for a sleep patch. Yep, a patch. I know what you’re thinking…a sleep patch?! It must have drugs in it, right? Nope. It has the same ingredients as in MidNite, with a few others. It’s called Klova.

I had never heard of it and I was intrigued, so I went to their website. The first thing I saw is this pop-up. It’s a newsletter with the patch info and sleep tips!

Then I saw it. The price. $30 a month!? Ugh, supplements are already so expensive and then $30 seems…well, pricey and that was the exact reason I didn’t buy MidNite from other retailers.

I was almost instantly going to click off the site until…

I saw this…a free trial!  Okay, now I was definitely interested. I could try it for free, without paying the $30. So why is this important to me? Because I have tried everything else and didn’t want to try a $30 product if it wasn’t going to work, plus we are on a really tight budget. We don’t make much money from our blogs and really pinch pennies to continue our full-time RV living dream so money is a huge factor.

After some reading, I saw that the nice thing about their trial is you can now try it for 8 nights instead of the original 4, so you get a little longer to see if it works for you. This is important to me because I can’t always tell if something is working right away. I think my anxiety convinces me that things don’t work or that it will fail and then I ended up giving up.

They have a huge FAQ and a sleep hygiene quiz so you can get a better idea of just how well you are sleeping and live chat. I love companies with live chat. The ability to get my answers right away is a big plus.

Okay, so I ordered the trial. I paid $3.95 shipping and they arrived today. I just chatted with someone who was really helpful and told me how to use the patches. She suggested I read the FAQs and take the quiz. Customer service is amazing!

Subscription services are kind of my guilty pleasure. Not only because it’s fun to get mail every month, but also because it’s so convenient living on the road and even just not leaving the house to get what you need when you are busy with jobs, families and just trying to get through the day!

Here are the FAQ I’ve created for you:

Q:What are the benefits of becoming a subscriber?

A: First, it’s delivered to your door. Next, it’s $27.99 if you subscribe, so you save a few bucks in the process and there’s not a membership fee. You only pay for the products you buy.

Q: Can I just buy the patches by the box or do I have to do a subscription?

A: Yes! You can buy it box by box so that way, you don’t need to worry about a monthly charge, but as I mentioned, if you subscribe, you save 10%.

Q: But it’s still expensive, can I save with coupons?

A: Yes,  click the link below and get $10 off your first subscription to help you sleep and I get $10 off too so you are helping me sleep too! They also have a point system where you earn points for referrals that save you money on products, shipping and even subscription cost. I already have savings just for signing up and sharing to social media.

Q: What if it doesn’t work? Did I just waste $30?

A: They have a 100%, 365 day guarantee. If you bought it and it doesn’t work, you get your money back. Yep, just like that.

See their FAQ page for more info on these questions.

Stay tuned for my Part 2 post as I tell you my results and whether this worked for me and try it for yourself and let me know what you think! Click the link below.



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