New info on a recent product review…adulterated essential oils?

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The following post is not written to slander any company. The following post is not meant to make any claim for or against any company. This is the opinion of the author of this post only. This is for informational purposes only. Please do your own research before buying ANY companies products.

So I recently did a product review for Art Naturals and wanted to follow-up on this and my affiliation with this company.

First, I didn’t know a lot about them when I reached out to do a product review. They were very nice and graciously sent me their bluetooth diffuser and top 8 oils.

I didn’t see anything stand out about their oils or products as being alarming at the time, but I was still learning.

Now, while I do enjoy the diffuser, I recently have stopped using their oils and will no longer use them.

As I go forward in my education, I learn new things about aromatherapy, not all things I agree with personally, but my main goal is safety and therapy using oils for my future career and for myself and my family.

The first reason I considered expiring my affiliation was the fact that their customer service is not great.

I joined their official Facebook group, I wanted to learn more and keep up to date information on their products.

The number one complaint I saw was lack of communication on their part. I even tagged them in several posts to see if they could help out the posters, the members of their group, and never saw any response.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt, but it left a bad taste in my mouth.

They reached out to me through the company I signed up to be an affiliate through and they said they wanted to work with me throughout the holiday season. I replied, expressing interest, and no reply. I replied again as a followup, no reply. I then sent out an email to their website and their Facebook messenger, still no reply.  I also emailed their marketing department directly, I CC’d two people and no reply and no away message letting me know they were on holiday or away from the office.

When I finally did get a reply, after the holiday season, I was contacted by a customer service rep, who apologized and said she would send it to the appropriate department.

Again, a very bad taste in my mouth. So recently I have been doing a bit of research. I am still learning about the testing of essential oils and some of it I don’t honestly understand, but as I’ve done a lot of reading (i mean a lot, like an obscene amount), I’ve found out some things that I don’t feel comfortable with about Art Naturals essential oils.

Many reports or articles are out there specifying that their oils are adulterated. Adulterating an oil basically means that additives are put into the oil to make it last longer or be less expensive. While some of these additives aren’t exactly hazardous according to testing, we all know, by common sense, that a lot of things that approved to be “safe”, come to find out are not. I am not saying these oils are going to kill you, I just choose not to use them if they contain ingredients that I don’t feel comfortable with or that aren’t truly what they claim to be, which is pure.

While I understand business, I don’t understand why a business who promotes themselves as a healthy business, isn’t following healthy standards, yes these standards are some that I put upon myself, but since I am not only a consumer, but a blogger that helps make them money, I feel very passionate about promoting companies I feel are safe and quality natural companies.

When I am looking for an essential oil company, I want my essential oils to be pure and natural. If I wanted additives, i would buy chemical based oils and the reason I switched from fragrance to essential oil, was safety and their therapeutic properties.

While I can’t explain the testing to you, because it’s a lot of scientific stuff that I can’t pronounce, I will link their reports and some articles at the bottom so you can do a bit of research yourself.

In conclusion, I chose to stop my affiliation because I don’t believe I can hold up my end of the bargain, which is promoting safe and natural products.

I struggled with this for a while mainly, and honestly, because due to my recent affiliation, I have made the earnings I need to keep my blog going, but I also have made them earnings throughout that time and feel that because of that, they should make the effort to correspond with their supporters.

It was also quite difficult to find a detailed post on their site or blog that explained their testing.

Last, in their FAQ section, one question is

are your oils organic?

The answer they gave…

All of our oils come directly from plants.

Okay, so they aren’t lying, but I know what this question is asking and their answer, seems to me, to be a “beat around the bush” way of answering without being incorrect…organic essential oils are oils that can be made without any pesticide residue from the plant during the growing process. So, like I said, yes all plants are “organic” in the sense of a living plant, but the organic that this question was asking should have been “Are your oils considered certified organic by the USDA?”. Then again, maybe the answer would have been the same.

So who are my personal favorites?

  1. Plant Therapy.  Their customer service is amazing, satisfaction guaranteed, quick response. They do live videos, have testing available for every essential oil and have a blog explaining basically anything you need and want to know about oils. Aromatherapists on staff, who will also email you with any questions you may have.  Kidsafe line.
  2. Eden’s Garden. Same as above, honestly. Customer service top-notch, they have some oils that other companies don’t have available. Testing for each oil is easy to find. A blog about all their topics, like PT, and they are a transparent company, meaning they have nothing to hide and answer each and every question in detail. Aromatherapist on staff. Kidsafe line.

Yes there are only two, but that is because I am still learning what are the best companies and what oils are the best for me personally. I have tried a lot of oil brands and these two come out on top for safety, purity and customer service.

Check out some recommended books that are great for your oily journey, giving you honest and informational content.

Also, some links below that on some articles I found on the info in this post.

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