I kind of thought I was dying…

Okay, yeah so that’s a dramatic title, but I really thought something was wrong!

My feet and hands were numb and tingly, like when your foot goes to sleep because you’ve been sitting on it? We’ve all had that feeling, but my symptoms were day and night. I was so frustrated and so scared!

I also felt like I was constantly coming down with something.

I started doing research and learned that a magnesium deficiency can cause theses symptoms, as well as insomnia and muscle cramps. Whoa! I didn’t know it could be something I could easily treat.

I started 500mg a day, before bed and soon my symptoms were decreasing. Magnesium, along with my CBD oil by Hempconnex, and I was feeling so much better! No more foot pain, no more tingly toes and numb heels.

Check out this handy infographic from Positive Health Wellness. and save this on your computer so you can take a peek at it when needed.



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