Why I left doTerra essential oils as a wellness advocate.

Some of you may know I was a wellness advocate with doTerra. While I did enjoy affiliation with them, I did not feel they were the right company for me to be promoting for several reasons. I am not here to bash them, they are a quality oil company, but I want you to know why I decided to leave them so there isn’t confusion as to why i promote other companies.

As a blogger, it’s my passion to promote products I feel confident about. I promote different EO companies and their products through reviews and personal experience.

My main reason for leaving doTerra was the price that I was promoting to my customers as well the selling aspect.
I am not a born sales person. I don’t like recommending products i don’t currently use and feel good about.
I found it difficult to promote a product that I couldn’t personally afford. I also found it tough to promote a product that I didn’t know enough about to make a personal recommendation on.

I found it very difficult to get the information I needed and through my research, I found some of their advice on products were not up to par on safety standards, such as internal use.

While they are a good quality oil company, I felt it wasn’t the right move for me for my blog, my career and my ethics as an aromatherapy student.

I see no sense in promoting products that are impossible for me to use due to finances. If I can’t afford it, I assume a lot of other people can’t either.
I also don’t want to be a seller. I don’t want to promote my blog only to make money or have readers for numbers sake.

After a year of being with doTerra as a wellness advocate, I used a handful of products and PERSONALLY did not feel they were more or less superior to other brands and I also received barely any benefits from their products or from being a wellness advocate.
While this may be a fantastic choice for others, it was not for me.
Again, doTerra is a quality company and I do like their products, but I want to be involved in companies where I love their products and feel they are beneficial to my life.