How do you handle anxiety attacks on the road?

Anxiety. Panic Attacks. Anxiety Attacks. Meltdowns.

Whatever you wanna call it, it is not fun. At this point in my life, it’s very much like the playground bully that just keeps following me around, taunting me at every point.

I admit, my life has gotten better, calmer, but then there are triggers that sneak up on me and catch me off guard.

Those little moments that, just when you think you have your head above water and can breathe, come swooping down on you, pushing back under again.
If you deal with anxiety, then you know what I mean and I handle them on the road, just as I do when stationary.

What do I do to get past these moments?

First, I talk to myself. Yup, I talk to myself. Not out loud necessarily, but in my head. I actually say, “You’re going to be okay. You are handling this wonderfully. You can get through this.”
Even though it doesn’t feel like it, I know that I can accomplish these thoughts and get past this enough to calm down so that I can think more clearly.

Next, I ask for help. I express that I am struggling and I ask those closest to me to help me.
“Hey, I’m feeling really anxious over this situation. Do you ever feel that way?”, or “Oh gosh, I feel totally overwhelmed. How do you feel?” or even “Can I have a hug, I feel like I’m going to cry, having a really tough day.” A good one for someone who may not understand, “I know you have a hard time understanding what i am going through, but I don’t need you respond, can you just sit here with me?”

I know these things sound simply and even silly sometimes, but I promise they help. It helps to ask others they feel as well because it takes some of the attention off of you and for those with anxiety, having people worry about them, it part of the anxiety! It is also okay to ask for what you need, directly. If you need a hug, ask your support system for it. If you need space, ask them for it. If you need them to tell you a silly joke, just ask. If you are with someone who doesn’t understand, then express that you acknowledge that and don’t need them to fix you.
Sometimes, all we need is a little support and that doesn’t always mean advice.

Last, I make sure I take time to engage in self cafe.
I know you’ve heard of self care and some of you probably feel how I do sometimes when I hear that term-I picture a little kid being told to do something by her parents and talking back with a mocking tone, “Self care, self care, self care. Blah blah blah”
It’s hard to practice self care because for anxiety sufferers and those with depression, it’s feels like a guilty action. If I do something for myself, I tend to feel like I am not focusing on those around me and I struggle with that tremendously. So what kinds of self-care can help us get through this?

Simple stuff-color a picture, play a computer game, hang out with your fur-baby or human-baby! Send a nice text to yourself or email, write affirmations and post them around the house, take a walk, go to the beach or lake, make a healthy smoothie….do something you feel good about that is good for you. If you enjoy washing dishes because it gives you a nice, organized feeling, then do that! If you like getting caught up on laundry so you can relax more on other days, then do that. Do what makes you feel good and is good for you!

Check out my self care tips under the mental health tabs and let me know what your self care tips are too!