RV living, cats, and anxiety

So we are living full time on the road in an RV and for someone who is used to a life of routine and planning, this has been a challenge for me.

Moving from place to place is difficult because once I feel settled, it’s time to move again.

Something I have realized though is that living simply is so much better for my mental illness.

My anxiety is soothed when I don’t have to worry about rent payments or moving an entire apartment of things or even having things in my possession that I don’t need.

Self-care is important too. Sleep in if I need a extra day of rest, take showers regularly, watch a movie with my husband and generally just take it easy.

Finances are still a concern, but not to the severity as they were before. I still pay for bills, meds, and necessities, but learning a new way of life is kind of exciting and even though it’s scary, it’s rewarding.

The best part? I got my hubby and three cats with me so I never have to be alone.